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When In Doubt, Part It Out!

stereo knobsAs resellers, we know what it means to get the most out of the items we sell.  However, we sometimes get something home only to find out it doesn’t work or needs repair.  The impulse is probably to just toss it in the trash.  I mean, what are we going to do with a broken thing-a-ma-bob?  On the flip side, have you ever thought about parting something out? 

There’s always someone out there somewhere looking for that vintage stereo knob, that reusable dehumidifier filter, or that paper tray that is on the broken printer you just found in a storage unit.  Did you find an old iPod with the dock at the thrift store and the iPod didn’t work?  That’s okay.  Sell the dock by itself! 

Not only are you making a bit of cash on these items, but you are also keeping these rescued parts out of the landfill.  

Monopoly partsBoard game parts

Something else to consider would be board games.  Buyers are always looking for that missing Monopoly token, those 3 Scrabble tiles, or that one piece for their Battleship game.  Keep an eye out for these at garage sales and estate sales, especially if they are vintage. Scrabbleear

I found a Scrabble game from the 1950s at a yard sale about a year ago and listed each component separately.  I sold all of the tiles in one lot and the racks in another lot.  After the racks sold, the buyer messaged me asking if I had more.  Also, don’t forget about score pads and instructions.  I’ve sold those individually as well.

Cooler parts

Drainplug1Some other items to think about are insulated coolers.  You have that favorite Igloo cooler that has been on 20 camping trips over the years and one of the handles just couldn’t take it anymore.  You were hoping to take that cooler on 20 more camping trips but the broken handle is making it difficult to haul it around. 

Do you want to throw that trusty cooler in the trash or continue using it for 20 more campouts?  There are a lot of people who would rather continue their track record with their trusty cooler that they love, so why not provide them with it and make a bit of money? 

Same thing with drain plugs.  Nothing more frustrating than having a cooler that leaks.  I would much rather replace the drain plug than have to go buy a whole new cooler.  If you have a cooler that ended up damaged beyond repair but the drain plug escaped injury, there is someone out there looking for that drain plug.  

Toy parts

Parting out a toy can be a moneymaker too.  Let’s say you come across a vintage Mighty Tonka dump truck in your attic or at a rummagetoywheel1 sale and 2 of the wheels are missing.  Why not remove the wheels and sell them?  There are always people restoring and repairing vintage toys and what might look like a broken truck actually has the potential to get another truck rolling again. 

There are also parts that can be repurposed so don’t forget to think outside the box. 

TinkertoyclockHave you ever seen random, loose Tinkertoys at a yard sale?  You can sell those to crafters, who in turn, repurpose them and make completely different and unique items out of them like clocks.

As you can see, there are endless possibilities when it comes to selling things that we wouldn’t have otherwise thought of.  Next time you see a used board game, a broken printer, or a stereo that doesn’t work, take a minute to consider the possibilities. 

When it doubt, part it out!

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