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Why You Should Follow List Perfectly’s New Instagram Account @listperfectlyinc

list perfectly instagram listperfectlyincWe’re excited to announce List Perfectly’s new Instagram account @listperfectlyinc and would love for you to follow us and spread the word!

I recently took some time with Tiffany Turner, List Perfectly’s Marketing Manager, and we had a chat about the new List Perfectly Instagram.

Why do we have a new account?

List Perfectly is excited to welcome sellers to the future of List Perfectly! We want to connect even more with the foundation of our community, which is sellers. We have created a space for the seller community to find connections, tips, humor, and more. This space is no longer just exclusive content for List Perfectly members to relate to.

What types of things are we doing on the new account?

Expect to connect with the seller community, learn reselling tricks, ecommerce tips, receive List Perfectly updates, and more. It’s a fun place, so check us out and give us a follow!

What are some good Instagram strategies?

Inclusivity and community! Instagram is an amazing platform for people to connect, inspire, educate, and entertain. If you are doing all of the above with inclusivity, you are creating a space that will not only allow your page to grow, but to welcome a community that is supportive and engaged.

How important is Instagram to sellers?

Instagram is a helpful platform for sellers in this era. Social selling is a new and exciting feature that should be taken advantage of on a free platform, such as Instagram! You can also connect with customers on a social level to gain repeat buyers. Connecting with your seller community via Instagram is a great way to not feel alone on the entrepreneurial journey. You’re not only exposed to helpful tips and inspirational sellers, but you can gain friendships along the way.

Any accounts you recommend following?

As an online seller, follow @ListPerfectlyInc to stay in the loop of all things ecommerce and the seller community! A few accounts that our team finds inspirational and educational are @ReClothCollection, @RNZYNow, @AResellersPassion, @TheHippyEdit, @refashionedhippie, and @RBagnik.

How does LP sharing to Instagram work?

You can crosspost your listings to an Instagram page just as you would to a marketplace! All the important information you need in a listing would be copied over as an Instagram post for you to start selling.

Listing to Instagram

Please take a look and give us a follow on Instagram @listperfectlyinc!

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