Our Story

We’ve been selling online since 2003.  Like most people we started selling things around the house we didn’t need anymore and business gradually grew.  Our specialty became pre-owned and vintage clothing, and our biggest challenge was continuous listing.  Not only did we need a quantity of items to stay in business, but we also needed quality listings to really stand out and get noticed.

We built List Perfectly with pre-owned item sellers in mind to be a one stop resource for creating and managing inventory online. Our goal is to make inventory management easier so you can focus on what you do best: Selling!


How We Created List Perfectly

Back in the early days we were only listing on eBay using the listing tool Turbo Lister.  It crashed on us all the time, always conveniently right when we were about to finish a complex listing.



To work around this problem we started using Word for creating descriptions so if Turbo Lister crashed our listings weren’t a total loss.

Over time our Word templates became more complex. 

Listing a jacket isn’t the same as a pair of pants, so we made different templates by item type.  And if the pants are military pants rather than a pair of jeans, we had different templates for that as well!

By this point, Amazon, Etsy, Poshmark and others sprung up as alternate places to sell, and getting an e-commerce website built was a lot easier.

eBay wasn’t the only place to sell anymore.

The options increased, and so did the challenges. Every selling channel is different, from the photo sizes, characters allowed in a description, required information for each listing, etc.  There were some tools coming out that claimed to help with multi-channel cross platform listing, but they were expensive and built mainly for drop shippers.

We needed something that catered to the needs of one of a kind sellers.

There weren’t tools designed for our niche so we built them.

The first version of our software is what we still use in our business today.  We called it “List Clothing”, and you can see the demo here.

To be continued…