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Webinar – Join us Monday, December 9th 3pm PST, 6pm EST

Have a question about List Perfectly?  Not sure which plan to select?  Join us Monday December 9th at 3pm PST or 6pm EST for our Zoom webinar where we’ll go over all the options and answer your questions live.

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Relovv and List Perfectly Making a Sustainable Difference

List Perfectly supports sustainability and women owned or operated businesses, both of which are common shared values with Relovv. Multiple requests from our most experienced users to add Relovv were received consistently and with a good reason.

What makes Relovv unique?

A unique algorithm built by Relovv matches relevant data to Buyers & Sellers, and make it easier for buyers to find what they’re looking for without wading through a sea of stuff that doesn’t fit them, their budget or their style.

Relovv is less than a year old and already has a big supportive community that embraces sustainable fashion.

What is Sustainable Fashion?

Sustainable Fashion can be defined in many different ways:

FOR BRANDS: this means creating in a way which is most considerate of humanity and the environment. The goal is to have a system which works without leaving a negative footprint.

FOR CONSUMERS; this means thinking about what you buy, knowing which philosophies you are supporting through your purchases, and also asking yourself if you are really going to wear that new piece to the extent that it was worth being made.

Now with List Perfectly, sellers can cross-post directly to or from Relovv with a click and find a brand new audience and create more sales.

Relovv story: https://guide.relovv.com/beginners-guide/what-is-relovv/

Sources: https://www.sustainablefashionmatterz.com/what-is-sustainable-fashion

Looking forward to even more good things to come from the incredible team at Relovv!




How to choose a List Perfectly Plan and Live Webinar Video


List Perfectly was designed to save you time and easily adapt to your listing process so you can cross-post and sell anywhere you need.
Use List Perfectly as your listing tool and then manage those listings by sending them to different sales channels or social media channels.

In this video Amanda, the CEO of List Perfectly, explains in detail the features and benefits of the Simple, Business and Pro Plans. Also discussed are useful features like Listing Templates and how they can save you more time by pre-filling information that is crucial for your buyers, and the use of keywords for different sales channels.

List Perfectly can be used from any device, so sellers can list with their desktop, phone, Android or iPhone.


List once with your phone or PC and send those listings with just one click to your favorite sales channels! Once you try it, List Perfectly will soon become your favorite Cross-posting tool.