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Liz O'Kane

While serving in the U.S. Air Force and raising a family, Liz O’Kane fell in love with eBay and started selling in 2002. After retiring from the military in 2016, Liz decided to turn her passion from a side hustle into a full-time entrepreneurial venture, mastering eBay and expanding to 9 platforms with the help of List Perfectly. Liz is not only passionate about selling, but also in sharing her rich ecommerce experience with the community. You can now find Liz attending conferences like eBay Open, leading local seller meetups, mentoring up-in-coming sellers, sharing insights in various Facebook Groups and on her Instagram @ColoradoReWorn, Key Speaking at Becoming Ebay to new employees, and sharing her knowledge here on the Seller Community Podcast! You can connect with her on all platforms as “ColoradoReWorn.”

Doug Smith

Selling has always been Doug’s passion, though for many years he sat on the “business side” as the Community Content Manager at eBay – aka “Doug@Ebay” a frequent host on the eBay Business Podcast. This began his journey of traveling the country to attend and speak at events including Content Marketing World 2018, Podcast Movement 2019, eBay Upfronts, Retail Revivals, and eBay Opens. Inspired by his travels and the wonderful sellers he got to know, Doug was finally able to join the community himself in 2020, expanding to new platforms under the mentorship of Liz O’Kane and with the help of List Perfectly. In addition to selling, you can now find Doug producing, writing, consulting, hosting the podcast “Albums that Saved Us,” and of course co-hosting the Seller Community Podcast! Connect with Doug on all platforms as “Snoop.Dougie” and “DasContent.” 

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