Scroll down to view our Simple, Business and Pro subscription levels to compare, and see which plan best fits your business!

Simple Subscription

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The List Perfectly Simple subscription is easy to use, and only includes the features most small sellers need.  Upload your images, add a title, and use templating to create descriptions fast.  Then send those listings to sales channels with the click of a button.

You can also click a button to import your ebay listings individually into List Perfectly, then cross post to one of our available sales channels.


  • Create your own templates to make listing even faster. Apply them from a simple dropdown
  • List your items from any device – phone or computer.
  • Keep a catalog of your items so you can duplicate similar listings for faster data entry, inventory, or upload missing or deleted listings to sales channels without re-creating them from scratch.
  • View character counts and limitations before cross posting
  • Quickly copy description text for selling platforms not yet integrated with our copy to clipboard button
  • Post an item on one channel one day, then post on another later without having to find or download images, copy/pasting title, description. Keep track of where your item is listed to easily identify where your item is listed
  • List Perfectly is Secure – we never need to know your login information for any of your selling channels
  • Great to use with your assistants or virtual assistants

The simple plan is a great option for small businesses who want to list and cross post faster.  You can always easily upgrade at any time if you’d like to keep more products in your catalog or need more features.


Business Subscription

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Our Business subscription includes everything in the Simple subscription, plus much more.

Fill in additional fields such as Price, MSRP, SKU, UPC, Keywords or Tags, as well as Brand, Color, Material and Size (these fields are still in beta) and have them automatically filled in on selling channels.


  • All the features of Simple subscription
  • Additional fields such as:
  • Price and MSRP,
  • SKU and UPC,
  • Keywords or Tags,
  • Brand, Color, Material and Size (these are in beta and will apply where and when available)
  • Templates can also be created that include these additional fields so you only have to enter once
  • Download your products to CSV file.
  • CSV file includes everything about your listing, with image links, your full description, SKU, UPC codes, title, keywords, and most other fields previously filled out. Great for inventory, or use to bulk upload products into another selling channel or platform like your own website
  • Quick view button to see at a glance how your title will look on each selling channel

The Business subscription is perfect for growing businesses that want to take listing to the next level.

Still not sure which plan you need?  Compare with our Simple and Pro subscription to see which plan will best fit your business.

Professional Subscription

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List Perfectly Pro subscription integrates our Description Developer, and is the most robust plan we currently offer.

Pro features a quick entry listing platform capable of creating varied and complex descriptions that can be optionally customized.


  • All the features of Simple subscription plus:
  • Item condition and condition notes
  • Shipping weights
  • Shipping dimensions
  • Easy and fast entry of item actual measurements
  • Detailed templates where you can control all details
  • Adjust Bullet point entries so they look professional everywhere, even Poshmark and Mercari!
  • Options available for your description layout to be completely customized for your business
  • and more!