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Never pay more as you grow.

Bulk Crossposting

Select multiple listings at one time to copy to all your favorite platforms.

Save Time

Average customers list 80% faster with List Perfectly!

Management & Analytics

Manage inventory and images from your “LP Catalog” dashboard: delist / relist, remove SOLD items, get powerful analytics, and more.

Sell More

Just ask our community, LP pays for itself … more platforms = more sales.

List Perfectly is so much more than a crosslisting service

All Plans are covered by 3 Day Money Back Guarantee


Vikki @LVpinkpeacock

“List Perfectly is the single most important investment that I have made for my business in the last year. I was an early member with the sole purpose of crossposting my vintage eBay inventory to Etsy… because it was so easy I decided to crosspost to a 3rd and 4th marketplace. I have increased my sales by 15% in such a short time. I don’t know what I ever did without this (oh yes, I do, I slowly and clunkily hand crossposted and paid an assistant to do the same). I now consider List Perfectly an integral part of my business.”


Becky @beckparkonposhmark

“I was struggling to manage my time as a mother, full-time teacher, and part-time reseller. I knew I wanted to scale my business by corsslisting to other platforms, but it was extremely time consuming. Discovering List Perfectly has not only saved me time and energy when it comes to crossposting, but it has also freed up more time for me to spend more time on what matters – my family!”

Jocelyn @eyeamthetrend

“I started reselling part-time for extra money and because it’s a passion of mine. But making sales was harder than I thought it would be since my time is limited. I can honestly say List Perfectly has reduced the amount of time and hassle when it comes to crossposting. I remember wishing for a tool like this vs. copy and pasting one by one. For other sellers out there, yes you will see a huge improvement in your sales! It’s a successful seller secret.”

Meet Our Team

Thank you for supporting our women owned business!

List Perfectly was created by founders Amanda Morse and Clara Albornoz for sellers like them, who make a living from online sales, as a solution to the frustrating and laborious process of listing on multiple channels….read more

Amanda Morse

Co-CEO & Founder

COO Clara

Clara Albornoz

Co-CEO & Founder

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