Referral Program

Earn Commission for sharing List Perfectly with Friends

So you love List Perfectly and want to share it with friends? We make it easy. Our Referral Program pays industry high commission, with our top referral members earning thousands of dollars per month

*You must be a List Perfectly customer with an active subscription to apply for the Referral Program.

  • Industry High Commission – earn 10% of your friend’s first month and 15% of subsequent months in perpetuity (as long as your friend is a customer, you earn commission)… reach 50 friends and get even higher commission! 
  • Referral Area Dashboard  – with your stats, payments, and progress.
  • Code Generator – create unique codes and links to share with friends.
  • Creatives Section – with beautiful ready to share graphics, just add your code!
  • Monthly Newsletter + Giveaways – prizes for sharing LP news and initiatives.
  • Monthly Panel with LP Executives (Coming Soon) – chat directly with the executives of LP for advice, feedback, and more. You are a top priority.
  • Referral Group Chat (Coming Soon) optional forum to chat with other leaders in the program.


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