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In their own words, our community shares how List Perfectly has changed their lives!


“It’s like a lightbulb finally just made sense for us to have (List Perfectly).”


“Proud to be a part of team List Perfectly!”


“Time is valuable and it waits for no one, which is why I use List Perfectly to maximize the time with family and my business.”


List Perfectly is the best to grow your business without increasing your inventory. I can take my small business and expose it to 11 total platforms! More eyes on your listings means more potential buyers. Sit back and watch the sales roll in!


“List Perfectly works really great for me and for what I need to do. (It’s so) convenient.”


“(If) you want to spread out and sell to other sites, (List Perfectly) is the tool you need.”


“If there is one thing every reseller needs, it’s using ListPerfectly to crosspost to multiple marketplaces at the one time. The absolute time saver money making tool. We will never go without it!”


List Perfectly has been a game changer for my reselling business. I call LP “my employee” because it helps me complete tasks so much faster. It is the multi-platform solution and I’m so grateful for this company.


List Perfectly has helped to grow my business so quickly. I can’t imagine reselling without it.


On the LP Catalog: “(List Perfectly) imports into Poshmark with variations and quantities. So excited about this!”


On selling success: “Hard work, good sourcing, and List Perfectly making it happen.”


“List Perfectly has helped me achieve my recent goals. Seriously think about trying this crosslisting miracle.”