Our Story

Our Story

November, 2023

Listing Assistant Introduced

Listing Assistant Introduced

With Listing Assistant feature, you can automate the generation of descriptions, keywords, and more, making the task of creating and editing listings faster and more efficient. Right from your title, UPC, or scanned barcode. 

November, 2023

Auto Delist Added To BETA

Auto Delist feature added to BETA. Avoid double sales -use Auto Delist to end listings that have been listed across marketplaces automatically.

November, 2023

Issue Finder Released

Issue Finder Released

List Perfectly introduces “Issue Finder”. Issue Finder is a vital tool for identifying discrepancies between your List Perfectly catalog and your marketplace listings. It’s essential for ensuring consistency and accuracy in your online sales.

November, 2023

Multi User Accounts Released

Sub accounts are released as part of the Pro Plus promo allowing users to create Sub Accounts. 

November, 2023

Pro Plus Released Packed With Features

Pro Plus plan access is released for Pro members to opt in to. With this release comes multiple new features.


October, 2023

Presenting Sponsor BOSS Reseller Remix

October, 2023

Platinum Sponsor at PoshFest 2023

September, 2023

Gold Sponsor at eBay Open 2023

August, 2023

List Perfectly Main Sponsor of FlipCon

June, 2023

Camp Listing Party, a conference for all resellers

Listing Party hosts it’s first In Person and Virtual event for all resellers! June 27th and 28th 2023

March, 2023

Sales Alerts released for ALL integrated Marketplaces

Sales alerts are now available across all supported marketplaces in List Perfectly. With the click of a button members can remove listings that sell from all marketplaces they’ve listed that item on. List Perfectly is the first platform to deliver this much needed feature for ALL the following marketplaces: ebay, Poshmark, Mercari, Etsy, Facebook Marketplace, Depop, Kidizen, Grailed, and Vestiaire Collective.

March, 2023

Image background removal with custom colors released

When our Photoroom background remover was integrated in 2021, image background removal was always white. Now any plan can select the background color they’d like to use, and set their own favorite colors that will always apply by default. 

March, 2023

Listing Condition mapping support added

Condition mapping allows members to set the condition of a listing in either the LP catalog or in their marketplace listing and have it map to the correct condition when crossposted to another marketplace.

December, 2022

New Catalog Filters Released

List Perfectly launches an all new catalog filtering update allowing users to locate listings, manage inventory and more even faster in one place. 

December, 2022

Vestiaire Collective added as a New platform integration

Selective marketplace for Luxury pre-owned items. 

November, 2022

First Release of Sales Alerts

Real time Sales Alerts for Ebay, Poshmark and Mercari marketplaces. Alerts showing the item that sold, sale price, sales history, specific sale details and more all are collected and shown for those marketplaces in one place. With this tool members are alerted with a notification and Cha-ching! sound and can quickly end listings across all marketplaces with a single click when they sell, minimizing the stress of double sales.


October, 2022

Listing Party Launches 🥳

Listing Party is launched! Join live reseller parties to connect, list, learn, and get inspired. Find assistants, set goals, share listings and so much more.

July, 2022

Customized Word Alert Launched

New feature releases allowing users to customize their listing experience and setup detectable words and phrases to be found while crossposting to avoid any potential listing issues or typos. 

May, 2022

Default Template feature released

Default templates makes using templates super fast. Listing a bunch of jeans, click your jeans template as the default and this template will automatically pop up with each new listing, allowing you to create each listing with fewer clicks. Done with jeans and want to move on to sneakers, make your sneaker template the default and continue listing.

May, 2022

List Perfectly Launches “ListPerfectlyInc” Instagram Account

Follow us on Instagram

April, 2022

Image Management Features Launched

New image management features “Next Photo” option realeasded for all members to increase listing speed and image uploads when taking photos to upload to List Perfectly listings directly from mobile devices. 

April, 2022

Update feature released

Quickly apply edits and updates from your LP Catalog right to your marketplace linked active listings with the click of a button. 
Update all listing details or only what you’d like. Update individually or in bulk.

update listings on marketplaces feature

February, 2022

Catalog Sync Beta Released

List Perfectly releases the catalog synchronization feature to all beta users. Sync allows users to get real time updates and statues for all listings that are linked to their LP catalog and active marketplace listings. 

January, 2022

Custom Marketplaces Added

List Perfectly adds support that allows users to add their own custom marketplaces to be added to the LP catalog to make inventory management in one centralized dashboard for all selling outlets. 

November, 2021

LP launches Image Bulk Actions

Pro plan members can now remove backgrounds and restore original images in bulk, saving even more time.

Bulk Actions options

August, 2021

List Perfectly launches new Image Manager and partners with PhotoRoom

List Perfectly’s new image manager is released, and is custom built to work for reseller needs. With our newest partner integration PhotoRoom, Pro Customers receive 500 complimentary “Background Removers” per month making it seamless to add a white background and have the most professional listings.

August, 2021

List Perfectly launches customizable Description layouts and filtered Analytics

August, 2021

List Perfectly partners with Size.ly

List Perfectly integrates Size.ly into its “Add Product” page for Pro customers. Size.ly makes adding measurements a breeze and helps reduce returns by over 50%.

June, 2021

List Perfectly adds Heroine Marketplace

April, 2021

April 2021 List Perfectly partners with WorthPoint.

List Perfectly offers 10% off WorthPoint for all customers, giving them access to the largest database of vintage, collectibles, and antiques and helping sellers get the highest price for their listings

WorthPoint Logo

January, 2021

List Perfectly is the first and only to offer Unlimited for $0 Extra

List Perfectly customers receive unlimited Listings, Crossposts to Marketplaces, Products in LP Catalog (added or imported), Templates, Images, Delist / Relist, Mark Sold, End Listings, Analytics, and CSV Downloads for $0 extra.

December, 2020

List Perfectly Adds Instagram

July, 2020

List Perfectly adds Shopify

June, 2020

List Perfectly adds Kidizen.

January, 2020

List Perfectly adds Depop.

January, 2020

Bulk Crossposting Launches

List Perfectly is the first to offer bulk tools including bulk crossposting listings (vs. 1 by 1), bulk mark sold, bulk end listings and more allowing Business and Pro customers to save even more time!
Bulk crossposting

January, 2020

List Perfectly adds Facebook Marketplace.

December, 2019

List Perfectly adds Grailed

September, 2019

List Perfectly Adds Tradesy

July, 2019

July 2019 Ebay Open

List Perfectly attends Ebay open and explodes amongst the seller community. Thousands of new customers join the List Perfectly family.

Ebay open Amanda and Clara Amanda's Presentation

April, 2019

List Perfectly comes out of BETA and launches publicly for all customers.

Its public launch marks List Perfectly as the first-ever company to offer crossposting to Poshmark, templates for faster listing, an SEO-optimized description builder, and more. 

March, 2019

List Clothing becomes List Perfectly.

List Clothing is rebranded to List Perfectly.

September, 2016

Amanda and Clara develop the first integrations with Poshmark.

Not yet released to the public, Amanda and Clara work hard to develop and add more  marketplace integrations in addition Ebay and Etsy, beginning with Poshmark.

January, 2016

List Clothing established

News of Amanda and Clara’s technology spreads around the reseller community and thousands beg them to launch a company. List Clothing, the first version of List Perfectly, is born!

August, 2015

Inventory Management

After successfully crosslisting to Ebay and Etsy, Amanda and Clara need a way to manage their inventory and sales. They create the first omni-channel image and inventory manager, which will later become the LP Catalog.

July, 2015

First Etsy integration for WooCommerce created

Amanda and Clara develop the first ever Etsy integration for WooCommerce and test it thoroughly for their own business, The Clothing Vault. Added along with eBay, it was a success: crossposting hundreds of listings overnight to Etsy and Ebay and driving a huge increase in sales.




January, 2015

Amanda And Clara Search for A Better Way to List

By this time, Amanda and Clara have over 3,000 listings and see first hand how challenging it can be to list, crosslist, and manage such volume. They search for a better way but can not find any help. So, they build their own image and inventory manager to simplify things for themselves.

November, 2014

Amanda and Clara develop the Pro Description Builder.

Not yet released to the public, Amanda and Clara develop an incredibly powerful description builder that aggregates information to create the best possible, SEO optimized description.

January, 2011

Founders Amanda and Clara form The Clothing Vault

Together they form a brand for their reselling business and name it The Clothing Vault.

March, 2009

An enduring partnership is formed

In 2009 Clara joined Amanda and their reselling partnership is formed.

July, 2003

Reseller beginnings

Amanda discovered reselling in 2003 when she first listed restaurant equipment on eBay. She quickly found a niche in reselling vintage clothing, sourcing all over the USA.