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Money Back Guarantee

All new accounts will be charged at signup.  You have 3 days or up to 20 cross-postings to try, if List Perfectly doesn’t fit your business needs, log into your account and send us a support request here: and we’ll issue you a refund.  Each listing you cross-posted during your trial you keep for free, and will remain active on all platforms with no expiration date.

Bulk Cross Posting

New: For Business and Pro customers cross posting multiple listings from and to multiple marketplaces is now supported.

You can now also bulk import listings into List Perfectly from any connected marketplace we offer. *Note Depop import coming soon.

Note results will vary depending on your internet connection speed / browser capabilities / and computer system.  If you’ve signed up for LP and don’t see the option please contact us for support

CSV Download

A CSV file is a spreadsheet you can use to sort and filter your products, for inventory, or to bulk upload products into your webshop or another sales channel or platform.

CSV downloads will include all products in your catalog along with details (if available) such as:

  • Date created
  • Title
  • SKU
  • UPC
  • Brand
  • Price
  • Full description
  • and more


Keep track of your sales across all channels using LP by keeping all Sold listings on our site.  Track your cost of goods, sold dates and prices, profit margin, and sales across all channels.


Fill in your attributes once and have them copied to the selling channel you choose.

All products created on all plans, Simple, Business and Pro,  have pictures, title and the product description copied over to the listing platform you select.

Higher level plans like Business and Pro offer more product attributes such as Brand, Color, Material, Size, Price, MSRP, SKU, UPC, and Keywords that you can fill in on List Perfectly, and if available will be filled in on the selling platform you choose.

Pro level subscriptions offer Item Condition, Shipping Weight and Shipping Dimensions.

Product Catalog

The Product Catalog is a backup or copy of your listings and pictures.  Think of it as a recovery option.  How many times have you done inventory only to find items missing and have to re-create them from scratch?  Or sold a listing but it comes back as a return which you then need to create a new listing for.  If the item is saved to your catalog, you only need to post it again with the click of a button.

We’ve also built an entire one stop inventory management system for sellers that will keep track of which listings have been posted and where.  We also help you end them fast with the click of a “Sold” button.  Note that these inventory management features are still in development and results may vary.

Catalog amounts shown are for the number of products saved in List Perfectly, this is not the total number you can create and list or cross-post (which have no limits), rather the number you want to save for inventory or future use.  Sold listings do not count against the total number of listings in your catalog as well.

For example:

  • A seller has 500 product listings and cross posts each one to 4 sales channels, but deletes each one after listing.  There would be no additional charge for this.
  • A seller has a catalog limit of 100 listings, and has marked 20 of their 100 listings as sold. The seller can list an additional 20 listings without exceeding the catalog limit.
  • A seller has a catalog limit of 50 listings, does not delete or mark the listings as Sold and instead saves them to their catalog but would like to add more listings.  To keep additional listings in the seller’s catalog would be an additional cost per month as shown in the pricing table.

**Note that templates also do not count against your product catalog. You can have an unlimited number of Templates.