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Giving Back Through Reselling

How do we give in a sustainable manner?  You probably love to give!  As resellers, we give and give, and want to give more! We

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eBay Selling and Rising Prices

We all have to decide when is the right time to raise prices for all types of businesses: small, medium, or large.  The economy plays

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eBay Meetup in Denver

In-person meetups are back! I was honored to be a speaker in Denver at the first in-person event they’ve had since COVID. It was also

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Listing Items on eBay for Free

eBay fees can be confusing and overwhelming. As an eBay seller, I receive many questions about how fees work. Back in the day, when I

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What is Google Lens?

If you are a reseller, Google Lens can be an invaluable tool when you are trying to identify an item.  You just snap a photo

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2023 eBay Winter Seller Update

The 2023 eBay Winter Seller Update  just dropped, and it is jam-packed with exciting information for us resellers! eBay Best Offer eBay is beginning new

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How to Sell on Depop for 2023

What is Depop? Let’s learn how to sell on Depop for 2023! To begin, let’s define what Depop is. Depop is an international marketplace that

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Why so Many Photos on eBay? 

eBay announced recently they would be increasing our photo uploads from a 12 maximum to a 24 maximum.  Why? Because more is better! Sellers asked,

What is Listing Party?

Listing Party is a new platform from List Perfectly where you can participate in live events, connect and share with sellers, find assistants, get inspired,

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List Perfectly October 2022 Updates

Welcome to List Perfectly’s October news and updates! We’re so excited for Grailed’s growth and to have them as one of the platforms List Perfectly

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What is Haulsale?

Do you have items to sell in bulk?  Do you want to buy items in bulk?  If so, Haulsale is your one-stop hub for both. 

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Time-Saving Tool For Sellers

From Amanda Morse and Clara Albornoz were earning a small fortune selling vintage clothing online when Clara was struck with crippling arthritis. No longer