We’re really proud to have created the first ever cross-posting solution for Poshmark, Mercari, Tradesy and now Relovv.  

Beyond that, we focus on the hardest chore – creating the listing.  Our advanced templating and description developing software can cut your listing and cross posting time down by 75% or more!

We can also save time by using Sell Similar, Copy, and Draft listing windows when cross posting from List Perfectly into ebay, Poshmark or Etsy.  As ebay/Etsy specifics get more complex, using already filled out specifics saves sellers a huge amount of listing time.

We can work with any number of shops and are not limited to just one on each channel. 

Finally, our method allows you, the seller, to review each listing on selling sites BEFORE going live. Most software auto-posts for you, but you really don’t know what your listing will look like unless reviewed first. No more uncaught mistakes or incomplete listings.

Each membership comes with a 3 day trial or up to 20 cross-postings, whichever comes first. You will be charged when you sign up, but if the software doesn’t work for you just cancel before 3 days or before you’ve cross posted 20 items (whichever comes first) and be sure to send a help request for your money back guarantee. 

You can list from your phone, and then to cross-post your products to selling channels you will need to use a computer. 

To use List Perfectly you will need:
  • A Chromebook, Mac, PC desktop computer or laptop for the cross posting software to work
  • Google chrome browser
  • Minimum operating system for desktops or laptops at least
    –Windows 7 or later
    –Mac OS Yosemite or later
  • An internet connection of at least 10mbps download, 2mbps upload. Slow internet still works but compromises the quality of our service.
  • Your online stores where you would like to cross-post from and to already set up (ie, ebay to Etsy). We do not create shop accounts for you.
Create new listings from your computer, phone or iPad and then use your desktop or laptop to cross-post. At this time cross-posting will not work from a phone, tablet or iPad.

Yes!  You can import items individually from eBay, Etsy, Poshmark and Mercari.  Once they’ve been imported, you can then cross-post anywhere!

Any type of item can be listed with List Perfectly!  Anything from tires to clothing and beyond.

Not at this time, but we’ve built features that make it really easy for you to keep track of where your items have been listed with links you can click on to end them quickly.

Yes!  We highly encourage everyone to share List Perfectly so everyone can save time listing!  If you’re a current List Perfectly subscriber, you are elligible to sign up and earn commissions on your referrals.  Details are in our help files.

List Perfectly is very secure!  We never ask for your passwords to your selling channels, this means it will work great for your assistants or virtual assistants you may not want to give out your passwords to!

We have CSV file download which includes all your listings, so if you can add products with a spreadsheet it will work.

If you have a listing with variations (meaning multi-quantity in different colors or sizes) you can list the main item details first, then when posting to your selling channel select your variations and quantities at that time.

Yes!  As long as your listing is kept on List Perfectly, we’ll keep your images stored for you for later use.

No!  Our software is not a bot (which on marketplaces like Poshmark is against their terms of service).  List Perfectly works similar to copy/paste, but saving you a lot of time and clicks!