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List Perfectly enables you to list and crosspost to multiple platforms, manage inventory, access analytics, download CSVs, and save tons of time listing while you reach new customers and grow your sales! 

Try List Perfectly with our 5 Day Money Back Guarantee.

Current Platforms Include: Ebay, Etsy, Depop, Facebook Marketplace, Grailed, Instagram, Kidizen, Mercari, Poshmark, Tradesy, Shopify, and more coming soon.

For demos of List Perfectly, please visit our YouTube channel.

List Perfectly was created for sellers by sellers. Our two female founders have been selling for decades and personally thank you for supporting List Perfectly. 

  • Everything’s included for $0 extra. We don’t charge you by the number of listings, platforms, or crossposts you use. You’re here to grow your business, so we give you an unlimited number of templates, crossposts, products, listings, delist / relists, and mark SOLD listings with every plan.
  • We are compliant with all platform terms. Publishing listings for you automatically directly violates terms and puts your account at risk. Instead, List Perfectly simply opens new windows with your listing details copied and filled out for you, and YOU click to publish. This protects your account and allows you to review everything to perfection!
  • Crosspost directly from platform to platform. Instead of forcing you and charging you extra to import your listings, List Perfectly allows you to crosspost directly from your existing platforms (see demo).
    Please note that adding and importing unlimited listings to your LP Catalog is still included for $0 extra should you wish to take advantage of all the amazing benefits of doing so: templates, delist / relist, mark sold, analytics, and more.
  • We support MORE platforms. Everything about List Perfectly gives you more – sell more listings on more platforms to more customers.
  • Multi-account crossposting. Crosspost and copy listings from one account on the same platform to another. For example, crosspost from one Poshmark closet to another.

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Signing up to List Perfectly is easy with our 5 Day Money Back Guarantee. Please see “Do you offer free trials?”  here on our FAQ.

To sign up, please go to and click the “Sign Up” button in the top right corner. 

You will then select one of our three monthly plans: Simple, Business, and Pro. Monthly plans are flexible and you are able to cancel, downgrade, or upgrade at any time via “My Account”. 

We will then prompt you to enter payment information into our secure system. If you have a code to sign up, please enter it. It is our company policy that we can not apply any codes after sign up.

YES! We have an exclusive Referral Program (click to learn more) for List Perfectly members. Earn industry-high commission when you refer friends to Sign Up with your code / link.

Give friends 30% OFF their first month and earn commission in perpetuity (for as long as they are a customer). For your first 50 friends: earn 10% of their first month and 15% subsequent months. After 50 friends, earn even more: 15% of their first month and 20% of subsequent months. 

For more information or to apply please visit our Referral Program page.

Do you offer free trials? (5 Day Money Back Guarantee)There are no “free trials” of List Perfectly as  payment information is required to Sign Up, but you are covered by our 5 Day Money Back Guarantee

  • Try List Perfectly for 5 days or up to 50 crossposts (whichever comes first). Great news, the 50 crossposts never expire! 
  • If in the 5 days or up to 50 crossposts (whichever comes first) you do not wish to continue, login to your LP account and  send us a request for a 100% Refund.
* Please note you must contact us within 5 days or up to 50 crossposts (whichever comes first) – we can not refund after this window of time, or if you exceed the number of crossposts.

At this time List Perfectly supports USA based marketplaces and shops selling in US Dollar currency.

Phone Call Support is not offered at this time.

Our devoted team offers best-in-class Digital Support via our website from Monday – Friday 8AM – 5PM PST, with extended hours for Technical and Billing Support. 

Are you a member of List Perfectly?

  • YES: Please always contact us through by logging in so that we can offer you the best support. Login → Main Menu → Contact Us

  • NO: Go to → Scroll Down to Footer → Contact Us
  • You can use List Perfectly from any device with any browser for: Adding and Managing Listings, Adding and Managing Images, Adding and Managing Templates, Instructions (Guide to List Perfectly), Sales Analytics, and more.
  • Crossposting, Inventory Management, and Installing Software must be done from a device capable of running browser extensions. At this time devices in include: Mac or Windows desktop or laptop computer, Chromebook, and from the Microsoft Surface Pro tablet (no other tablets, and not from your mobile phone). 
    • For details, see this Google help doc showing minimum device requirements to run the latest version of Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge.
  • Internet Connection or Satellite Internet (minimum speed 10mbps download, 2mbps upload).
  • Platform Accounts – please create and login to accounts on any platforms you want to list and crosspost to. We currently offer Ebay, Etsy, Depop, Facebook Marketplace, Grailed, Instagram, Kidizen, Mercari, Poshmark, Vestiaire, Shopify and more coming soon. Make sure you are logged into your accounts when using List Perfectly.’s mobile version is a great tool to use on the go from your Apple iPhone or Android mobile phone or any tablet. Please see this helpful tutorial for a tour of our mobile version! 

Here are some things you can do from our mobile version:

  • Add and Manage Listings
  • Add and Manage Images 
  • Add and Manage Templates
  • Sales Analytics  
  • Referral Program 
  • Contact Us 
  • & Lots More 

Please note you cannot do the following from our mobile version:

  • Install List Perfectly Software
  • Crosspost Products or Listings 

^ This must be from Mac or Windows desktop or laptop computer, Chromebook, or Microsoft Surface tablet on Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge Browsers. Can not be from any other tablets or phones.

List Perfectly is for everyone. List Perfectly is for you.

Sellers of all sizes from side hustlers, to part timers, to full time sellers, to enterprises and corporations are all classified as business owners who share the same goal as List Perfectly’s own mission: to work smarter, not harder.

List Perfectly’s flexible monthly plans allow EVERYONE from side hustlers to corporations to take advantage of its powerful suite of tools. Selling for the first time? Try our Simple Plan. Transitioning from side hustle to part time? Scale with our Business Plan. Going from part-time to full-time or from brick and mortar to digital? Our Pro Plan has everything you need.

No matter who you are, List Perfectly has a plan for you.

Whether you’re a List Perfectly subscriber or not, we’d love for you to  Join Our Community.

List Perfectly enables you to list and crosspost to multiple platforms, manage inventory, access analytics, download CSVs, and save tons of time listing while you reach new customers and grow your sales! 

There are many ways to use List Perfectly, but here are 4 simple ways to get started.

  1. “Import” your active listings from any platforms we support to your List Perfectly Catalog to crosspost, manage inventory, get analytics, download CSVs, delist and relist, and more.
  2. “Add Listings” natively to your List Perfectly Catalog to crosspost, manage inventory, get analytics, download CSVs, delist and relist, and more.
  3. Crosspost from List Perfectly to any support platforms.
  4. Crosspost directly from platform to platform(s), without importing listings or adding listings to your LP Catalog.

You can list and crosspost any product with List Perfectly! 

From clothing to furniture to miscellaneous products like tires and tools.

All plans come with unlimited crossposting, and listings for $0 extra.

The Simple Plan allows you to crosspost one listing to multiple platforms at once.

The Business Plan and Pro Plan allow you to crosspost one or multiple (Bulk Crossposting) listings to multiple platforms at once vs. one by one. The number of listings you can crosspost at once depends on the speed of your internet, the quality of your device, and your personal preferences. Some members like to Bulk Crosspost 15 products at once, others like to Bulk Crosspost 30 or 50 listings at once. One member recently let us know they did 300 products at once!

Our community favorite Bulk Crossposting is exclusively available to Business and Pro Plans. Bulk Crossposting allows you to crosspost multiple listings to multiple platforms at once vs. crossposting one by one! 

Here’s how it works: bulk select the items you want to crosspost and choose the platforms you want to crosspost to –> new tabs will open to each platform and LP will copy the information for you –> simply review and publish your listing.

No, List Perfectly does not automatically end listings (delist) but we do have an easy and quick delisting process for sold items. Simply mark the product(s) as SOLD on your LP Catalog, and we will quickly delist from every other platform for you.

Your account safety is our top priority.  List Perfectly does not violate terms and is not a bot.

List Perfectly is compliant with all marketplace terms. Terms require that a human publish their own listings on the marketplace itself, and not through a third party service. List Perfectly opens new tabs to the marketplace with information copied for you to review and publish yourself.

List Perfectly is safe and secure. We will never ask for your passwords to your platforms, nor will we share personal information or store payment information.

Each List Perfectly subscription comes with unlimited crossposting and unlimited listings for $0 extra. This means you can import, add, and save unlimited listings in your List Perfectly Catalog (also called “My Listings”).

You may upgrade, downgrade, or cancel your subscription at any time from “My Account.” List Perfectly automatically prorates your balance or credit. 

  • Upgrade:  List Perfectly prorates your balance, charging you only difference between plans for the remaining days of your billing cycle. 
    • For example, if on the 15th day of your billing cycle you upgrade to Business ($49) from Simple ($29) – please note the overall $20 difference – List Perfectly only charges you a ~$10 prorated balance vs. $20 for the remaining 15 days of your billing cycle. 
  • Downgrade: List Perfectly prorates a credit, crediting you for the difference between plans for the remaining days of your billing cycle. 
    • For example, if on the 22nd day of your billing cycle you downgrade from Business ($49) to Simple ($29) – please note the overall $20 difference – List Perfectly applies a ~$5 prorated credit to your account and applies it to your next billing cycle.
  • Cancel: Your subscription is active for the remainder of your billing cycle. After that, your account and payments will be cancelled.

List Perfectly does not fully support variations with the integrated platforms. 

Here are some ways you can still list and crosspost variations manually with List Perfectly:

  • Crosspost Variations from List Perfectly to Platform(s): every variation must be added as an individual listing to your LP Catalog. If you have 20 shirts in the same design (10 blue, 10 red), you must Add 2 Listings to your LP Catalog – 1 blue (10 quantity), 1 red (10 quantity). 
  • Crosspost Variations from Platform to Platform(s): before crossposting, edit the listing to include any quantity and variation details that the platform offers. Then crosspost. 

List Perfectly is a monthly subscription. When signing up the following payment methods are accepted. 

  • Credit Card
  • Debit Card
  • PayPal

Please note that once your subscription has been started you will still be able to change payment processing if need be.