Money Back Guarantee

Start Risk Free with 5 days or 100 Listings

 List Perfectly is for any seller who is ready to take their business to the next level. We invite you to start with our 5 Day Money Back Guarantee.

You are covered by our risk free 5 Days or up to 100 Listings (whichever comes first) Money Back Guarantee. You will still enter payment information as part of the Sign Up process.

  • Try List Perfectly for 5 Days or up to 100 Listings (whichever comes first). Great news, the 100 listings never expire! 
  • If in the 5 Days or up to 100 listings you do not wish to continue, log into your account and send a request for a 100% Refund.

* Please note you must send a request through your account for a refund within 5 Days or up to 100 listings (whichever comes first) – we can not refund after this window of time, or if you exceed the number of listings.
* Listings include any listing created/imported to your List Perfectly catalog as well as any listings crossposted to other platforms using List Perfectly.
For example, one listing crossposted to 5 platforms counts as 5 listings.

Want to know if LP is worth it? Take it from the community – it pays for itself!