List Perfectly Sponsoring and Attending FlipCon 2023

List Perfectly’s eBay Open 2023 Gold Sponsorship

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List Perfectly is a proud Gold Sponsor of eBay Open

It’s official! List Perfectly is proud to be one of the two main sponsors of eBay Open 2023!  This year is particular because they will be in person at four “eBay Studio” locations nationwide, including Atlanta, Philadelphia, Phoenix, and Chicago, on Sept 26, 2023. 


ebay open studios
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Tickets to live eBay Studios are limited

Tickets to attend the live eBay Studio locations are limited. The cost to attend is $25.00, and you will receive a $25.00 gift card when you arrive. The Virtual 3-day event is free starting Sept. 27 and runs through Sept  29th. Visit the site for more information at eBay Open 2023.  

This event is open to the world! Most content will be geared toward eBay USA; all countries are invited to participate. 

All attendees must have prior registration; no onsite registration will be available. Keep that in mind if you are thinking about attending. No tickets will be sold at the door. Visit the online registration page to get your access. Also, they must register if you consider bringing a friend to the eBay Studio locations. All guests can attend with a ticket. 


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Attending eBay Open 2023 offers numerous compelling reasons

Networking Opportunities: eBay Open provides an excellent platform to connect with fellow sellers, buyers, industry experts, and eBay representatives. Building relationships can lead to valuable partnerships and collaborations.

Knowledge Sharing: The event features informative workshops, keynote speeches, and panel discussions led by industry leaders and experts. You’ll gain insights into the latest trends, best practices, and strategies to boost your business on eBay.

Exclusive Content: eBay Open often unveils exciting announcements, product updates, and new features that can give attendees a competitive edge in the marketplace.

Seller Support: If you are an eBay seller, the event can provide you with direct access to eBay’s support team, allowing you to get personalized assistance and solutions for any challenges you may be facing.

Inspirational Stories: eBay Open showcases success stories from sellers who have achieved remarkable growth and success on the platform. Learning from their experiences can motivate and inspire you to elevate your business.

Workshops and Training: The event may include practical workshops, and training sessions focused on selling on eBay, empowering you with actionable knowledge.

Community Engagement: Being part of eBay Open allows you to be part of a vibrant and enthusiastic community of sellers and eBay enthusiasts, fostering a sense of camaraderie and shared passion.

Entertainment and Fun: Along with the educational aspects, eBay Open also incorporates entertainment, fun activities, and social events, creating a balanced and enjoyable experience for all attendees.

Access to eBay Experts: Attendees can seek one-on-one guidance from eBay experts during the event, getting personalized advice tailored to their specific needs.

Travel and Location Experience: eBay Open often occurs in exciting locations, allowing attendees to explore new cities and cultures while attending the event. 

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Overall, attending eBay Open 2023 promises to be a rewarding experience for anyone associated with eBay, whether as a seller, buyer, or industry partner.

The List Perfectly team is very proud to be a Gold Sponsor of this event. We will have team members at each of the locations. We look forward to seeing you either in person or online!

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