2024 reselling goals

2024 Reselling Goals

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As we embrace 2024, I find myself reflecting on my reselling journey, which began in the simplest of ways: selling Pokemon cards at school to buy video games. This childhood pastime merged with the evolution of the internet, naturally led me to platforms like eBay. The realization that reselling could be more than a hobby – that it could be a full-time, flourishing e-commerce business – was a revelation that changed my life. My turning point came in 2020, when, in search of a side income, I discovered the amazing List Perfectly community and began a journey of incredible growth and learning.

Clara and Josh Yeterdays Fits
Yesterday’s Fits, Las Vegas, Nevada

List Perfectly changed my business

Initially, managing listings on eBay was a daunting task. I felt my potential was being capped by not branching out to platforms like Poshmark, Mercari, and Amazon. That’s when List Perfectly entered my life, changing how I managed my business. Tasks that once consumed hours were streamlined into minutes, allowing me to focus on optimizing my listings and understanding the deeper aspects of e-commerce. In the early days, List Perfectly’s inventory management system was a lifeline. As I progressed, I discovered the power of its bulk listing processes, template building, and the seamless integration of taking product photos with my phone directly into my List Perfectly catalog. With their latest customizable catalog overlay and AI integration, efficiency in listing has become as crucial to me as the internet itself.

Consistency and community

consistency and community sellers in group

To all who are starting or continuing their reselling journey this year: remember that consistency in your efforts is key. Every person’s path is unique, but regular listing remains a universal pillar for success. Embrace every transaction as a learning opportunity. More importantly, become an active member of the reselling community. The shared experiences and wisdom found there are invaluable.

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Set a daily listing goal

One strategy that has served me well is setting a daily listing goal. It’s a straightforward yet powerful practice. Start with manageable targets to establish the habit, then gradually scale up. Thoughtfully expand your presence across different marketplaces, one step at a time. Utilizing tools like List Perfectly’s LISTING PARTY platform can help you track and share these goals, providing a clear direction and the option for community accountability.

New sourcing and new relationships

As 2024 unfolds, I’m excited to expand my scope beyond trading cards to explore the world of retail arbitrage. This expansion means staying informed and engaged with our community and continually looking for new ways to source and form new relationships along the way. With the support of List Perfectly’s Pro Plus plan and AI integration, I feel prepared and eager to step into this new chapter. Not only do I look forward to the challenges and growth that will come in 2024, but I also look forward to helping, educating, motivating, and connecting others to get to the next level of their business.

Cheers to continued success in 2024!

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