5 tips for new resellers

5 Tips for New Resellers

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If you’re like me, you’re probably on the hunt for ways to declutter, live more sustainably, and make some extra cash, all while flexing your creative muscles and managing your time effectively. I’ve been there, dabbling in everything from food delivery gigs to part-time jobs, trading my precious time for a paycheck. But let me tell you, the most rewarding venture I’ve found, both in terms of financial gain and personal satisfaction, has been reselling.

Here are five simple tips that can help you with productivity and getting started.

Where to start? eBay and Poshmark!

ebay on monitor

Think of these platforms as a mall, and you’re exploring a space for your reselling shop! They’re super welcoming for beginners and have tons of people browsing every day. Set yourself up on eBay and Poshmark, play around with their features, and get a feel for how everything works. You are essentially setting up your own online shop but without the hassle of creating a website and generating traffic.

Your first stock? Just look around!

clothes piled up in room

You don’t need to break the bank for your initial inventory. Why not start with things you already have at home? Maybe that old guitar you never play or the jacket you haven’t worn in a year. It’s a chill way to learn the ropes without the pressure of having to purchase inventory. 

What to sell? Do a bit of detective work!

Got some ideas about what you want to sell? Awesome! Now, let’s do some homework. Check out what’s trending on eBay and Poshmark, see how things are priced, and figure out what’s hot right now. It’s like matching your interests with what buyers are looking for, and it is also a good way to learn about concepts such as sell-through rate early.

Creating your brand – make it fun!

brand factors

Finally, my favorite part. Let’s sprinkle in some creativity. How about coming up with a cool store name or choosing a profile picture that’s unique to you and aesthetically pleasing? Your brand is like your reselling personality. You don’t need anything super fancy; sometimes, your unique touch is what makes all the difference. Think of it as dressing up your online presence!

Level up with List Perfectly

list perfectly marketplaces

Once you’re getting the hang of things, List Perfectly is like your secret weapon. It’s not just about keeping track of what you’re selling or crossposting; it helps you grow and scale your exciting new e-commerce business like a pro. Imagine being able to list your items and expand to different platforms without the extra headache. It’s like having a little assistant help you out!

Remember, reselling is not just about making some extra cash; it’s about enjoying the ride, learning new things, and giving items a second life! Dive in, have fun, and who knows, you could turn this into a six-figure side hustle! 

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