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Buy what you love mugsMany of us are well aware of the varying niche markets in the reselling community and the number of ways we could potentially get into the reseller world. We all have our own stories and journey on how we started after all.  At some point, you may have gone to YouTube and searched for tips and tricks that could get you started on your journey, or point you in the right direction. I don’t want to get on my soapbox about how I got started (maybe a story for another time), but I remember going down rabbit holes of flipper content just trying to understand what is selling, what I should be buying, what platforms sell the best and so on. 

Viewing from a different perspective

After all this, all I was left with was a pile of clothing and electronics that I simply couldn’t move. Also known as the ‘“Death pile.”  This is my own opinion of course, but I feel many new sellers go through a similar experience, and many quit, or put their journey on pause, at this stage. The people who do make it to a part-time and even full-time level take these experiences as valuable learning lessons. IBuy what you love basketball jerseys certainly fall into the category of putting my reseller dreams on pause. 

Taking a break in all actuality is what allowed me to learn and view things from a different perspective. One important lesson I learned is that selling takes time. The presentation of your item is important but you can’t expect an item to sell right away, although some have had better luck. This could be for many reasons, but it’s important to not beat ourselves up for not selling at the pace we want. 

Buy the things that you value or love!

It took months for me to get my first sale, and at this point, I even forgot I had these particular items listed. Once I achieved my first sale, doorways opened for what was possible. I thought, “Ok, out of sight, out of mind.” As long as a sale is possible, I do not mind waiting. As for my death pile, I personally did not want to store items I didn’t want, which leads me to the point I really want to drive home. 

Buy the things that you value or love! Researching what others have sold helps but if I could give any helpful feedback to new sellers, I would say start with the things that you are excited about. After all, there’s room for everyone with so many different niche markets that different types of sellers have succeeded in. Maybe you love video games, a particular brand of shoes, collectible cards, and even vintage antiques and clothing! Start your business by sourcing out the things you’re passionate about and the rest will fall into place!

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