crosslisting to instagram from list perfectly

Crosslisting to Instagram from List Perfectly

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Estimated reading time: 3 minutes

Using List Perfectly and Instagram together

Are you taking advantage of crossposting to Instagram from List Perfectly

Using List Perfectly and Instagram together can increase your brand visibility and could increase your sales.

First, you will log in to List Perfectly and then ensure that you are also logged into Instagram.  You’re now ready to start crossposting.

To crosspost to Instagram in bulk, click the “Start Selecting” icon at the top of your LP listings and click on the listings you want to crosspost.

List Perfectly start selecting button

Next, click the “STOP” icon at the top of the page after selecting your listings.  After this, select the Instagram icon and click “Copy.”  List Perfectly will copy each listing for you to review.  After you review your listing, you can then publish it to Instagram.

List Perfectly copy button

Send buyers to listings from Instagram

You can draw buyers to your listings by using Instagram by putting a link in your bio that directs potential buyers to a site like Linktree or Milkshake.  These are sites that have lists of links, and you can customize this with your store links and referral links. 

List Perfectly’s custom footers

Depending on your List Perfectly plan, you can utilize custom footers.  This feature allows you to include customized text in each marketplace’s description.  When specified for Instagram, this text will be automatically inserted into the description of your Instagram listings.  I like to put “DM me with questions or check out my Linktree in bio for links to my stores” in my custom List Perfectly footer for Instagram.  This provides your potential buyers with the option of messaging you directly on Instagram or they can go directly to your stores that you have listed in the ‘bio link tool’ that you are using (such as Linktree).   

List Perfectly converts tags or keywords into hashtags

Another nice thing about crossposting from List Perfectly to Instagram is that List Perfectly converts your tags or keywords into hashtags and separates these hashtags from your description with the format of four “•” symbols (see below). These “•” symbols help to optimize your Instagram post by separating your hashtags from the description, which is optimal for the Instagram viewer.

Instagram seperator 2

If you prefer a different “separator” than the four “•,” you can go to your List Perfectly extension settings for Instagram and enter it there.  For example, you can use four “/” instead.

Instagram description separator

Symbols on Instagram

List Perfectly Word Alert

You can also customize List Perfectly’s Word Alert feature for Instagram.  You can add custom words or phrases to be checked for on your Instagram crossposts. If these designated words or phrases are detected in your Instagram description during the crosspost, an alert will display allowing you to review further.

It is so quick and easy to crosspost to Instagram from List Perfectly, and it can boost your sales.  Give it a try and see the extra exposure your listings and your branding can get.

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