did you quit selling on ebay

Did You Quit Selling on eBay? It’s Time to Come Back!

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Estimated reading time: 2 minutes

Attention, my long-lost eBay reselling friends. Good news for you if you left eBay and were on the fence about returning. The marketplace has become easier than ever to list items.  

eBay assistants

eBay has built-in personal assistants. These are easy-to-follow little messages that direct the sellers with suggestions. You can take it or leave it with the “bots” that present themselves. What’s great about it is that it will get you motivated and feel the power of listing again. 

I suggest just “jumping in” and starting with something simple, like a DVD, CD, or book, and following the prompts to list an item. Once you go through the motions, you can easily save it as a draft and return it later, or be brave and make it live.

ebay listing form

Either way, some people like taking baby steps before going live, which is okay. We all have to start somewhere. It’s like riding a bike! You always remember the feeling of pushing on those pedals. You will soon enjoy the thrill of selling on eBay again!

Getting started

eBay will guide you along the way.

  • Type in a few keywords
  • Search for a comparable match
  • Preview
  • Make changes
  • Save as a draft or go live with the item

eBay has come a long way

eBay has come a long way since I started selling in 1997. The marketplace has been improved and has become more accessible to trade. Now that I know what I know, I prefer to list my item directly into List Perfectly and crosspost to eBay and,  depending on the article, to any other sites that will be a good fit for the thing I’m selling. 

ebay home 1.18.24

PayPal is no longer an option

One side note: PayPal is no longer an option for getting payment—no more stress with transferring funds and money management. Once you get the ball rolling to list an item, you must let eBay know which bank account you want the funds to be placed in. It’s straightforward to follow step-by-step to upload your banking information. Do not be afraid. Your data is safe and secure. 

List Perfectly helps your listings get found

One of the many features I appreciate in List Perfectly is that my listings will always be found.  Over the years, eBay has been known for “listings to disappear” now and then—no clue how or why it happens, but it still does today from time to time.  Now, with List Perfectly, I can confidently list my items, knowing that I can easily relist any items if they ever get ghosted on eBay. 

list perfectly new catalog listings

No matter which direction you head, listing directly on eBay or List Perfectly, the time to get started and pick up right where you left off is now.

Say hello to an old friend; eBay will welcome you with open arms.

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