Do You want to sell on whatnot

Do You Want to Sell on Whatnot?

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Gone are the days of the Home Shopping Network.  There’s a new kid in town and it is setting the internet on fire.  It’s called Whatnot and if you’ve got inventory, the desire to sell, and the drive to bring in an audience, Whatnot might be for you.

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Whatnot is what hot!

Whatnot is the hottest livestreaming shopping platform out there right now.  They currently have 50+ categories to sell in, ranging from toys, trading cards, clothing, collectibles, and everything in between. If you want to sell on Whatnot and you don’t see the category you want to sell in, no worries.  They even have an “other” category where you can show off your wares.

Download the app and create an account

The first step you need to take is to download the Whatnot app and create an account.  At the time of this post being written, Whatnot has a waitlist to sell live so you will need to apply to the platform to be a seller and get on the waiting list.  You can apply here, and once approved, you can either sell on Whatnot’s marketplace (“buy it now”) or sell by going live.  If you are going live and are notified that you are off the waitlist, start planning your first livestream!

Download a spreadsheet from List Perfectly and upload it to Whatnot

If you use List Perfectly, you can download a spreadsheet (cleverly disguised as a CSV file) from List Perfectly and upload it to Whatnot.  This way, if you have any inventory in List Perfectly that you would like to sell on Whatnot, you can easily and quickly upload this spreadsheet to Whatnot.  List Perfectly allows you to filter the spreadsheet as well, giving you the option to create a file that contains only the listings you want to upload to Whatnot.

Live shows and interaction

You can schedule your live show for any day you’d like.  The Whatnot audience is consistent throughout the week so schedule it for when you are most comfortable.

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You will be able to interact with your live audience and they will be able to interact with each other through the live chat.  You can even shake things up a bit and let your viewers participate in giveaways! 

Shipping on Whatnot

Shipping labels come straight from Whatnot and are pre-paid.  They also come with tracking so all you have to do is pack your shipment and apply the shipping label and it’s ready to go. You’ll receive your funds in approximately 48 to 72 hours (upon delivery to your buyer). These funds will show as a Whatnot credit in your account and then you can either cash out via PayPal or select direct deposit to your bank account.

Direct to consumer selling

Laura Franzeca, who has been reselling for 6 years but is fairly new to selling on Whatnot, says her favorite part is the ‘direct to consumer selling.’ She is a storage locker aficionado and she loves “picking up a load and taking it directly to my desk and in front of an audience, sold and move on.”  Laura also notes the ease of selling on Whatnot.  “Very few photos (1-2 each item, in-app), no listing, no storage. Selling directly to people who want and appreciate it.”

whatnot live shows

Seller fees

Seller fees for Whatnot include an 8% commission on the sold price of an item when it sells plus a 2.9% + .30 cents payment processing fee for the entire transaction (payment processing applies to the subtotal, tax, and shipping price paid by a buyer for their order).

Build a following

Laura recommends that potential Whatnot sellers build a following.  “Without a previous (social media) following, it takes time and lots of engagement to gain followers.”  She also notes that “junk doesn’t sell, (you) have to consistently bring good items and deliver as promised.” 

Laura’s best advice for anyone who wants to sell on the platform?  “Do your research!  Watch a ton of shows, engage with others in the chat, and follow and support other sellers.”  She recommends coming up with a solid plan as well.  “What are you looking for out of the platform and how are others getting there, so you can too?”  You can catch Laura on Whatnot under the username mi80baby.

If you have more questions about selling on Whatnot, go here

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