Don’t Be Afraid of Facebook: How to Find Your Tribe

I needed connection

I was in my late 40s before I created my first Facebook account.  Not because I was afraid of technology, but because I wanted nothing to do with the drama, negativity, and nonsense that I had heard existed there. 

When I started reselling, it became more and more crucial for me to find a support system.  I was watching tons of YouTube videos and those were amazing, but they didn’t provide that one-on-one connection that I needed so badly.

List Perfectly Facebook Group

I avoided Facebook

I had always avoided Facebook like the plague.  I never wanted anything at all to do with it.  All I had ever heard about Facebook was the toxic behavior that people displayed and how people hid behind the anonymity of it so they could show their negative side.  I just had no use for any of that.

After a very short time reselling though, I gave in and created an account.  To anyone who is like I was, wanting nothing to do with social media, just know that it all depends on what groups you get involved in.  You need to seek out those groups that are supportive and foster a safe and uplifting environment and there are several on Facebook.

Look for supportive Facebook groups

One good way to find those groups is through the YouTube videos I mentioned earlier.  When you start watching reseller videos, you get a feel for who you “click” with and the personalities that you are drawn to.  This is a great place to start your research for Facebook groups that are a good fit for you.  

BSSO Reseller Facebook group

You can see if the YouTubers you are watching have a Facebook group and you can also listen to their recommendations.  Most of the time, if they run a Facebook group, they also have recommendations for other groups. They might even list those recommendations in the “show more” section under the video.

List Perfectly, BOSS Reseller, and Flippin Hippos Facebook groups

The first three groups I joined were: List Perfectly Group (run by Clara Virginia Albornoz), BOSS-Business For Online Selling Success (run by Theresa Cox, Katy Zilverberg, and Vikki Eagan), and Flippinhippos Resellers Pod (run by Starr Bryson).  All three of these groups are supportive, uplifting, and great resources of information.  

Flippinhippos facebook group

Once I joined these groups, I felt right at home immediately.  No drama, no bullying, no negativity, and the support was phenomenal.  There are many supportive reseller groups on Facebook so just know that not every aspect of Facebook is full of negativity. 

Positive, supportive, and kind groups exist on Facebook so don’t let the negative aspects keep you from finding your tribe.

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