How To Upload Spreadsheet CSV Files To Reverb

How to Upload Spreadsheet CSV Files to Reverb

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List Perfectly recognizes the importance of streamlining inventory processes for sellers, so that is why they give you the option to download spreadsheet (CSV) files of your List Perfectly listings.  With the Business and Pro plans, you get unlimited spreadsheet downloads.  Here’s a video that shows you how to download your CSV (spreadsheet) file in List Perfectly.

Reverb, a subsidiary of Etsy, is a popular online marketplace for people to buy and sell musical instruments and music gear.  They offer a convenient feature that allows sellers to upload CSV spreadsheet files directly to their platform.

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If you would like to quickly and easily transfer your List Perfectly listings to Reverb, you can download a spreadsheet (CSV file) from List Perfectly and upload it directly to Reverb.  This way, you can have any or all of your List Perfectly listings listed on Reverb in a matter of minutes.  You don’t have to worry about your images either.  The spreadsheet you download from List Perfectly includes all of your images as well. 

Before you upload your spreadsheet of listings to Reverb, you will need to set up your Reverb shop with a return policy, a payment policy and a shipping policy.  Also, be sure to check out Reverb’s listing guidelines here.  Once you have your policies in place, you can begin the process of getting your spreadsheet uploaded to Reverb.

save settings reverb

To get started, go to your “Manage Inventory” tool, which can be found in your “Listings” tab.

manage inventory and listings reverb

You need to ensure that you follow Reverb’s spreadsheet template example before you upload your List Perfectly spreadsheet.

Then, you will upload the file via the “Manage Inventory” tab using the “Choose CSV file” button.

choose csv file reverb

You can find complete instructions for uploading to Reverb, the FAQ, and even instructions on how to update your Reverb listings using your CSV spreadsheet here.

So, if you have musical instruments or music gear in your List Perfectly catalog, get on over to Reverb and create your account so you can start selling!

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