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Introducing List Perfectly’s Listing Assistant Vision

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Estimated reading time: 3 minutes

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has become an integral part of our daily lives, from virtual assistants like Siri and Alexa to recommendation algorithms on Netflix and Amazon. This revolutionary technology is also making significant strides in the e-commerce sector, transforming how sellers list and manage their products. List Perfectly’s Listing Assistant Vision is at the forefront of this transformation, offering a powerful AI-driven tool that streamlines the listing process for online sellers.

Deep dive into Listing Assistant Vision

List Perfectly’s Listing Assistant Vision is designed to make the listing process as seamless and efficient as possible. Here’s how it works:

Step 1: Add Images

You can add images directly using your mobile device’s take photo feature or by uploading already taken photos. This can be done through your mobile browser without needing an app. The tool analyzes up to six images to understand the product better. Ensure your best images are in the first six slots for optimal results.

listing assistant view

Step 2: Click “Listing Assistant”

After uploading your images, click the “Listing Assistant” button.

click listing assistant

Step 3: Select a Tone

Choose a tone for your description, or input a custom tone of up to 20 characters.

select a tone listing assistant

Step 4: Click “Launch Listing Assistant”

The Listing Assistant Vision will generate a full listing in approximately 10 seconds. Always check the generated listing for accuracy.

Frequently asked questions

Using templates: While template support is coming soon, you can use Express Lister to create draft listings and finalize them in the regular listing form.

Additional fields: More fields will be added soon, but for now, update any missing information in the regular listing form.AI Mistakes: If the AI makes mistakes, ensure your images are clear and try rearranging them or adding more tags.

Single or stock images: The AI works best with multiple images, but you can still try using a single or stock image, keeping in mind you may need to add more details manually.

Future of AI in online selling

The future of AI in online selling is promising. We can expect further enhancements to tools like Listing Assistant Vision, including more advanced image recognition, template support, and even deeper integration with various e-commerce platforms. These advancements will continue to streamline the listing process, making it easier and more efficient for sellers to manage their online stores.

Try Listing Assistant Vision today!

Ready to revolutionize your online selling process? Try List Perfectly’s Listing Assistant Vision today and experience the benefits for yourself. We value your feedback to help us continually improve our tools, so please share your experiences with us!

Listing Assistant Vision is part of our Pro Plus Plan beta. You’ll need to sign up for the Pro Plan to opt-in to Pro Plus.

Pro Plus is List Perfectly’s newest plan and is packed with features that elevate your reselling business to new heights while saving valuable time! Anyone with a Pro subscription can opt to enjoy all the amazing features that come with Pro Plus at no additional charge throughout 2024.

By leveraging the power of AI, List Perfectly is helping sellers save time, increase accuracy, and enhance their overall e-commerce experience. Don’t miss out on this cutting-edge technology—give Listing Assistant Vision a try and take your online selling to the next level!

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