Pro Plus Plan Intro

Introducing List Perfectly’s New Pro Plus Plan!

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List Perfectly is excited to introduce our Pro Plus Plan with new and innovative features that are changing reselling as we know it.

Among some of the new features included in this new, cutting-edge plan are Auto-Delist, multiple user accounts, Listing Assistant, inventory labels with QR codes, a new dashboard interface, UPC scan capacity and so much more!


why pro plus plan


Auto-Delist will remove your listings automatically from ALL MARKETPLACES when it sells.  The fear of double selling is a thing of the past with this new feature.  List Perfectly is the FIRST to have this feature for ALL marketplaces!

pro plus sub account settings

Multi-user accounts

Multi-user accounts will be great for those who have assistants.  You have full control over the access of these sub-accounts and what your sub-accounts can see.  They will not be able to see your personal or financial information and you can pick and choose what they do have access to like deleting listings, Express Editor, analytics, draft listings, descriptions, and access to Listing Party (which means that if you allow access, you actually get more than 1 Listing Party account!).  The main account will be able to see all listings and the sub-accounts can be restricted to view only their own.  Also, sub-accounts are transferable, so you can build up a sub-account, and sell the account and all of the listings that it contains.listing assistant window

Listing Assistant (with Auto-Description Generator)

You also have access to a very helpful feature called Listing Assistant.  The auto-description generator goes to work and automatically produces a well-written, SEO-rich, professionally formatted description that is added to your List Perfectly listing.  You can utilize this feature by scanning an item’s UPC barcode with your webcam, handheld scanner, or your phone.  You can also type in a UPC manually and if you don’t have a UPC code to use, you can manually enter a title and let ChatGPT build your listing.  It will fill in everything from the description and keywords to item specifics, if available.  Another nice aspect of this feature is it is very flexible.  You can accept, edit, or reject any detail as needed.

inventory label barcode

Brand-new interface

Pro Plus also boasts a brand-new dashboard interface that has adjustable columns just like eBay and you can customize which columns show on your dashboard, as well as what order they appear.  Having the ability to change column widths allows you to fit more details on your screen.  You can now see active, draft, unlisted, out-of-stock, or sold listings at a glance with Pro Plus.  You can also customize how many listings you would like to see on your page view, from 10 up to 100 per page and you can also quickly navigate to a specific page.  You will no longer need to individually click listings when you are selecting them because the Pro Plus Plan has a select all button.  This new dashboard can be customized to your needs, as well as the needs of your sub-accounts.

New listing overlays

With Pro Plus, you don’t have to lose your place while working in List Perfectly.  With List Perfectly’s new listing overlays, you don’t have to deal with more tabs opening while you work.  You can create listings, edit listings, add templates, and more without a new tab being created!  In addition, you also view the brand-new listing summary page in overlay format.  This summary page shows you a listing preview, status of the listing and you can even crosspost from this page.

Inventory labels

Another great new feature with Pro Plus is you can print labels that are scannable and include QR codes, product titles, and SKUs. Once printed, you can apply this label right to your physical item and scan it at any time to quickly locate the listing that is saved in List Perfectly.

link feature


Additionally, there is also a new feature called Link.  With the Link feature, you can link live listings to List Perfectly that are on supported marketplaces.  No more manually copying and pasting an item ID number.  With a click of the Link button, your listing is linked!

More background removals

You also get more background removals in Pro Plus.  A total of 3,000 background removals for you and your multi-user accounts are available each month.

Integrated filters

Moreover, you also get integrated filters in Pro Plus.  These are filters that are located under each supported column header and they enable you to filter any number of details easily and quickly. 

Issue Finder

Yet another great, new feature is Issue Finder.  List Perfectly will scan your connected marketplaces and report any issues back to you.  List Perfectly has a column that shows you these issues such as listings not linked on the marketplace or if an item ID is missing or doesn’t match. 

Updated mobile view

With Pro Plus, you will also see an updated mobile view with new mobile navigation and menus.  You can enjoy the large image view, as well as scroll through your listings with ease.

updated mobile view

Bulk edit

Pro Plus also offers bulk editing.  With this feature, you can edit any listing detail in any supported column all on one screen.  You can select single or multiple listings then click bulk edit and this will filter only the listings you want to edit.

Pricing and listing optimization tool

Google Lens is integrated into the Pro Plus Plan so you can utilize this powerful pricing and listing optimization tool.  You can use it for pricing, description information, keywords and to even help you identify an item.

Are you interested in taking advantage of List Perfectly’s Pro Plus Plan features?  If so, ensure that you are subscribed to the Pro Plan or upgrade to the Pro Plan and then you can opt into the Pro Plus features here:

As you can see, List Perfectly continues to innovate and bring you new features that save you time and make your workflow faster and easier.  The release of the Pro Plus features is no exception.  The Pro Plus features open up a whole new world of inventive and ingenious tools with you, the seller, in mind. 

List Perfectly was created by sellers for sellers and every List Perfectly team member is a seller.  List Perfectly also listens to their members and builds requested features as well.  You ask and List Perfectly delivers and this statement couldn’t be more true with the new Pro Plus features!

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