List Perfectly Has Added Custom Background Color Options for Your Images!

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You can now change the background color of your images in List Perfectly! 

Yet another feature coming to you from List Perfectly at no additional cost.  This option is available on all plans too!

Works with any image

Just go to any image in List Perfectly and click on the edit icon in the middle of the image. 

click edit icon

Next, click on “Remove Background” to the left of your image. 

click remove background

Then, click on “Color” in the lower right under your image.  This is where you will choose the color you would like for your background. 

You can select one of the colors shown or, if you’d like to customize your color, click on the button marked with “#.”  You can then choose the shade you prefer.  

select color

Once you’ve decided on the color, click “Save Color.”

save color

After you’ve saved the color of your choice, you then click on “Remove Background” underneath the image and List Perfectly will proceed to color your background.

remove background

You can change the color again at any time.  Once you select and save a color, this will be your default color until you go in and select a new color.  Also note that once you remove a background, you can change the color as many times as you’d like without affecting your background removal count.

You can also change your background color in bulk. 

When doing this in bulk, your image backgrounds will be the color that you chose as your default color.

remove backgrounds

As you can see, this is a unique and fun way to add color to your images and it can also help your image stand out!

teddy bear pink background

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