List Perfectly May 2023 News and Updates

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The most recent news and updates from List Perfectly!

camp lp reseller conference

Tickets for Camp Listing Party are available at, and all packages are selling quickly! Get in there while you can!

Camp Listing Party is open to ALL SELLERS! You do not have to be a List Perfectly user to attend. Learn business practices from reselling experts, hear how to grow your business from community leaders and reseller social media stars, enjoy breakout sessions to connect with the community, and much more!

Join us in person or virtually

camp lp when

Come to Camp Listing Party to hear from and meet:

Cary Williams aka American Arbitrage

Kat The Nurse Flipper

Ken Gaitano aka Hustle Bee

Danna Crawford aka Power Selling Mom

Clara Virginia Albornoz List Perfectly

Amanda Morse List Perfectly

Theresa Cox aka numbersgeek

Casey Parris aka Rockstar Flipper

Trish Glenn aka SuperSaleTrish

Mike Cook aka Mikey Bags of Money

Katy Zilverberg

Victoria Zilverberg aka lvpinkpeacock

Michael Swoape

Brittany Hatcher aka cutecaseresale

Sonny Las Vegas

Rod Grimes aka Picking and Punching

Matt Ryan King aka whysothrifty

Doug Smith aka Snoop Dougie

Joshua Gutierrez aka solditbetter

Many more announcements are coming soon!

Get Your Tickets Now!

Listing Party in the USA Tour!

We’re still coming to see you across the country and will be announcing more dates and locations soon!

In April we visited:

Pittsburgh, with the Mid-Atlantic Online Resellers, special thanks to Starr Bryson

listing party pittsburgh

Ohio, with special thanks to Michael Swoape, Chris and Julie Brown, Kelly Ebersbach, and Annette Rostetter

Please make sure to update your information on your account page so we can reach out to you if we’re coming to your area! 

List Perfectly Updates

Be sure to check the List Perfectly News page regularly for updates.

You might have seen “other” services posting comparison charts or blog posts comparing their company to List Perfectly, and of course, they always conclude that what they offer is better.
Don’t be fooled.

List Perfectly vs. Other Options: Facts vs. Fiction

Did you know… 

250 million listings to date have been crossposted using List Perfectly
& 75 million items have been created with List Perfectly

Listing Party

There are live events almost every day at Listing Party!

Don’t forget you can connect with other List Perfectly members, virtual assistants and others. You can add and set goals. You can crosspost listings for more exposure. But most importantly, you can engage with your seller community!

listing party screenshots

Maybe you’d like to attend Trish Glenn’s Daily Mastermind Call, or Theresa Cox’s Listing 101. Maybe you want to list, source and sell with Stewart White. Into true crime? Try True Crime & List with Starr Bryson. Looking into consignment? How about Cup of Consignment with the ladies from Consignment Chats.

live on listing party

There are also late-night and weekend options like Late Night Listers with kandlresale and List and Learn with Don of The Donovan Collection, and eBay 101 with Danna Crawford.

Bigger things are coming to your Listing Party community!

We are listening and we hear you! Have an idea for a listing party or would you like to host your own?

Submit a Listing Party request!


theresa headshot

with Theresa Cox, List Perfectly Community Leader
Now Monday at 4 PM PST / 7 PM EST
Theresa Cox and List Perfectly team members are there to give you live help!


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