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List Perfectly Sponsors Phoenix (PHX) Startup Event

Clara and Amanda presenting PHX Startup 2022

List Perfectly was the title sponsor for PHX Startup Week, Arizona’s largest entrepreneurial event, which was full of informative and inspirational speaker sessions and provided limitless networking opportunities for startup founders, teams, investors, and supporters. It took place in Phoenix, Arizona and attendees could attend in person or virtually.

The event was held at Arizona State University, one of the top tech schools in the nation

and featured back-to-back speakers and presentations on small business, investing, growing your business, and much more. The List Perfectly team made great connections, and even had the chance to meet to some current and perspective sellers.

List Perfectly Co-Founders and Co-CEOs Clara Albornoz and Amanda Morse took the stage on day one to tell the story of  how they bootstrapped List Perfectly to what it is today.

Amanda explained that many businesses have launched a bootstrapped startup, but it’s not easy. You’re funding a company on your own without outside help, but you gain freedom, and can grow at your own pace.

Clara and Amanda had no savings, no previous startup experience, no network of tech advisors, and neither of them had a degree from an Ivy League school. They were experienced sellers however, and Amanda had taught herself how to code. In addition, Clara had previous finance and banking experience. So, they decided to use their own money from reselling and rely on their credit capacity to fund their startup the bootstrapping way. In doing this, they were able to launch and grow List Perfectly on their own and didn’t work with any investors. Today, they are proud that they have complete control of their business, which has also allowed them to be 100% customer centric.  

List Perfectly’s groundbreaking launch

The List Perfectly Team at PHX Startup 2022When List Perfectly launched in March 2019, they were the first to offer integrations for non-API connected marketplaces like Poshmark and Mercari and professionally formatted templates for product descriptions. By this time, Clara and Amanda had already launched the first version of List Perfectly in January 2016, which was then called List Clothing. List Clothing was developed from their initial prototype that they used in 2015 to crosspost their listings to eBay and Etsy. This was a huge success for them and drove an increase in their sales immediately!

After they launched List Perfectly, they began to work and grow within the seller community, becoming a resource to sellers who listed across multiple platforms. They partnered with a long-term eBay seller, Theresa Cox, who encouraged them to go to eBay Open 2019 where they networked, did live demos, and appeared on seller YouTube shows. List Perfectly exploded overnight!

List Perfectly’s community and customer focus

Clara and Amanda continued to build their community in the List Perfectly Facebook group and on Instagram, eventually launching The Seller Community PodcastList Perfectly Swag PHX Startup 2022 2 and The Seller Community Blog. List Perfectly focuses on organic content and user generated content from the seller community. Clara and Amanda built a unique and generous referral program to help spread the word and to encourage List Perfectly members to recruit new users. This referral program was as an alternative to using traditional digital marketing, advertising, cold calling and hiring a sales team. It is also a way that List Perfectly can give back to its supporters and help their customers increase their income even more.

From the beginning, List Perfectly has focused on the customer and customer feedback, and the feedback loop. The small team Clara and Amanda have put together is accessible and interacts with the community via the various social media channels, including TikTok and Reddit. The team is comprised of sellers of various levels who also use List Perfectly. List Perfectly solicits user feedback, incorporates it, and circles back with the community.

Clara and Amanda closed their presentation with what they are most proud of: the company and team they’ve built, being Arizona-based, and having the honor of serving the best customers in the world: those who want to make a better life for themselves and the planet.

List Perfectly networkingMaking connections and networking

Though this wasn’t an ecommerce event, and besides meeting some current and perspective sellers, Clara and Amanda also met and spent some time with Indu Khosla, Director of Engineering at Shopify. Indu gave an inspiring presentation on the final day entitled “Tech strategy for non-tech startups.” Clara and Amanda took the stage before Indu spoke, talked more about List Perfectly and welcomed her to the stage.

Overall PHX Startup Week was a fantastic event that List Perfectly was happy to sponsor and be a part of. Thank you PHX Startup Week for a great week and for supporting List Perfectly and startups in Arizona!


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