List Perfectly’s Daily Onboarding Sessions, 24/7/365 Live Support and Free Resources

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List Perfectly takes pride in providing its customers with top-notch support, including a dedicated onboarding team that helps new customers get started with using List Perfectly by offering daily onboarding sessions.

List Perfectly’s Daily onboarding sessions

The onboarding session is a process of introducing and orienting new users to List Perfectly. It is a structured way to help users start off on the right foot and learn how to get started with using List Perfectly, as well as learn about the benefits of using List Perfectly.  It’s also an opportunity for new users to ask any questions they may have and get answers straight from the source.

List Perfectly support

The onboarding process begins with the new member receiving a banner message in their List Perfectly account welcoming them and asking if they would like to join an onboarding call.  Once they click on the banner, they are then prompted to pick a day that works best for them.  They will then receive a confirmation message that includes the information needed to join the session on the desired day.

What happens during a List Perfectly onboarding session

During the onboarding session, users are given an overview of List Perfectly and the features that are available. They may also be shown how to access settings, how to navigate the catalog, and how to create a listing.  It all depends on the new members’ needs and what questions they might have.  Additionally, users are introduced to List Perfectly’s many support resources.  This includes 24/7/365 live support (including weekends and holidays), demo videos, online guides, tutorials, informative podcasts, helpful blog posts, and List Perfectly’s YouTube channel, which includes many instructional and helpful videos.

the seller community podcast

An onboarding session is designed to provide you with an introduction to List Perfectly and to find out what your goals are so that List Perfectly’s onboarding team can provide you with useful information and tips.  This information is personalized to you and will help you start in the right direction.  The onboarding team provides a clear understanding of what List Perfectly can do, how it works, and what benefits it provides, so an onboarding session is incredibly helpful for new users.

List Perfectly’s personal attention to each customer

One of the key benefits of List Perfectly’s onboarding sessions is the personalized attention that each customer receives. The team takes the time to understand each customer’s unique needs and goals and provides customized recommendations and advice accordingly. This personalized approach helps customers get on the fast track and achieve their desired outcomes more quickly.  The team also provides guidance on best practices when using List Perfectly and how to most effectively utilize it to suit your needs.

List Perfectly’s daily onboarding sessions are an essential part of the company’s commitment to providing exceptional customer support that goes well beyond onboarding. By offering personalized attention, customized guidance, and comprehensive resources, List Perfectly sets up each member to succeed.

The onboarding sessions also serve as an opportunity for List Perfectly to connect with new users and foster that relationship with the community.  This connection ensures that List Perfectly is always responsive to the evolving needs of its members and is constantly striving to provide the best possible experience.

Other List Perfectly resources

List Perfectly users can also get help from fellow resellers by attending Theresa Cox’s Listing 101 sessions, going to Listing Parties, and attending YouTube lives.

listing party

In conclusion, List Perfectly’s daily onboarding sessions with a dedicated team are an essential component of their commitment to providing extensive and unlimited support for all of their members.  By offering individual attention, personalized guidance, and many beneficial resources, List Perfectly helps new customers achieve their goals, list faster and save time.  List Perfectly’s dedication to supporting its members and the community is second to none.

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