List Perfectly Google Lens Integration

List Perfectly’s Google Lens Integration

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Estimated reading time: 2 minutes

What is Google Lens?

Let’s delve into the world of Google Lens. First and foremost, what exactly is this innovative technology, and how does it operate? Google Lens is an image recognition tool, designed by Google, and now integrated with List Perfectly that enables users to search and interact with real-world objects through their smartphone cameras. This cutting-edge software uses sophisticated machine learning and computer vision algorithms to identify objects and text within an image and then proceeds to offer relevant information or actions related to those objects.

try google lens

For instance, if you aim your phone’s camera at a restaurant, Google Lens may identify the name of the restaurant, furnish its rating, and provide directions to the establishment. This powerful tool can also:

  • Recognize and translate text in various languages
  • Scan QR codes
  • Identify plants, animals, and landmarks 

Google Lens is accessible as a standalone app, as well as integrated into Google Photos, Google Assistant, and several other Google products.

Blouse google lens

How Google Lens assists in reselling 

Now, let’s discuss how Google Lens can assist in reselling. The point-and-shoot picture-taking format of Google Lens enables users to identify:

  • Clothing style 
  • Brand 
  • Pattern 
  • Color 
  • Pricing comparisons 
  • Much more on the go

The on-the-go feature is a crucial element of why this tool is essential to have on hand.

Google Lens on the go

Suppose you enjoy browsing through paintings at Goodwill. Prior to discovering how to utilize Google Lens, you might have attempted to identify a painting’s artist name or a label that could be entered into Google. This process is time-consuming, isn’t it? However, after someone introduced me to Google Lens, one of my most significant discoveries was a $10 painting that was worth close to $500.

Google Lens painting comparisons

But that’s not all, Google Lens can be even more beneficial. Not only can it help you locate pricing comparisons, but it can also provide titles, descriptions, and keywords. Sometimes it can be a challenge to come up with the perfect title or keywords, but Google Lens simplifies the process by assisting in finding listings on other platforms such as eBay or Poshmark.

Google Lens multiple platforms

How List Perfectly integrates Google Lens

So, how is List Perfectly incorporating this technology? As resellers ourselves, we understand that a tool is only as effective as its user. We at List Perfectly love Google Lens and have integrated it into our software. 

Google Lens List Perfectly

Why is this important? It enables users to optimize the tool’s usage and functionality by making it accessible with just one click.

Google Lens view

List Perfectly differentiates itself with this technology, as no other software has made it accessible with just one click. Other software may promote Google Lens, but using Google Lens requires leaving the software. Streamlining your workflow is just as critical as the tool itself. The ability to make your process more efficient can lead to increased sales.

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