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List Perfectly’s Listing Assistant-Let Us Build the Listing for You

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List Perfectly’s new Listing Assistant

Have you heard about List Perfectly’s new Listing Assistant?  This innovative feature comes with the new Pro Plus Plan and will generate powerful and effective listings for you with the help of AI and a vast barcode database.  All you need to do is enter a title or scan a barcode, then let List Perfectly do all the work. 

Streamline the listing process

Listing Assistant streamlines the listing process by automatically generating details for your listings, saving you valuable time and effort.  Whether you have a product barcode or a title at hand, List Perfectly’s AI-driven Listing Assistant has you covered.  Another advantage of Listing Assistant is it can also pull in details that you may not have thought to add on your own.

Listing Assistant Confirm Listing Details 1

Listing Assistant is versatile

Details generated with Listing Assistant include images, suggested prices, bullet-point descriptions, titles, brands, sizes, colors, keywords, materials, and more.  Listing Assistant is very versatile, as it allows you to accept or reject each section that is generated, or you can accept or reject all details at once.

Listing Assistant Confirm Listing Details 1

Barcode scanning

To scan a barcode, you can use your phone camera or other mobile device’s camera, a hand-held scanner, or even a webcam.  List Perfectly utilizes an extensive barcode database to pull in accurate and up-to-date information so you get the best possible results with each scan. 

Listing Assistant Confirm Listing Details 3

Create robust listings with ease

As you can see, List Perfectly’s Listing Assistant empowers you to create robust listings with ease and speed by just entering a title or scanning a barcode.  You’re not just saving time, you are ensuring that your listings are enticing to the buyer and contain the details needed to sell your items.

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