Mastering Fast and Easy Poshmark Sharing with List Perfectly

Mastering Fast and Easy Poshmark Sharing with List Perfectly

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Estimated reading time: 2 minutes

Get ready to level up your Poshmark game like never before!

The List Perfectly Poshmark Sharing Tool

The List Perfectly Poshmark Sharing Tool is in Beta and is only available to List Perfectly Pro-Plus subscribers. There are never any add-on fees.

If you’re plugged into the Poshmark community like we are, you know that sharing is the name of the game. It’s how you boost your visibility, engage with potential buyers, and ultimately drive those sales. But let’s face it—manually sharing every item in your closet is so last season. That’s where List Perfectly steps in to save the day!

There is no need to hire a third-party sharing tool anymore because List Perfectly subscribers on the Pro-Plus Plan will now be able to share on Poshmark in a few ways. Side note: The sharing tool is in Beta for all Pro-Plus users at no additional charge.

Easy to use with options

Starting with the Google Chrome extension as shown in this graphic. Click on the upper right corner and view the List Perfectly box. Next, click on the settings as shown at the bottom.

list perfectly chrome extension and settings

After clicking on settings you can view the marketplaces across the top as shown below. Click on Poshmark.

click on poshmark logo in settings

After clicking on the Poshmark box you can view the options. Scroll to the bottom and view the details.

poshmark settings options

Now you can review your sharing options. Including how you would like to share. Such as:

  • My closet
  • Feed Page
  • All Pages

poshmark sharing options

Imagine this: instead of spending hours glued to your phone, tirelessly tapping away at the “share” button, List Perfectly does all the heavy lifting for you.

But perhaps the best part of all is the freedom that List Perfectly affords you. No more being chained to your phone, mindlessly sharing item after item. With List Perfectly handling the heavy lifting, you can focus on what you do best – sourcing, engaging with your audience, and growing your Poshmark empire.

So, to share or not to share? With List Perfectly by your side, the answer is clear. Embrace the power of automation, optimization, and cross-listing, and watch your Poshmark presence soar to new heights. Trust us, you’ll wonder how you ever managed without it!

Until next time, join us at a Listing Party and join the conversation in the community about the additional tools List Perfectly has to offer. 

Meanwhile,  happy sharing!

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