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Recent Mercari Updates

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Hello there, everyone! In case you missed Mercari’s recent updates,  I thought I’d give you a quick rundown of everything they shared. 

High-end item sellers

Mercari has some exciting news for high-end item sellers. Now that Mercari Authenticate is no longer required for items priced between $300 and $499, listing luxury items has never been easier. You get to choose whether or not to authenticate. But, if you’re selling something worth $500 or more, you must still go through the authentication process. Oh, and authenticated listings get a fancy diamond badge and extra visibility. Nice, right?

Mercari Luxury

Father’s Day and graduations

They then gave some advice on what’s hot right now. With Father’s Day and graduation approaching, now is an excellent time to list specific items that shoppers are looking for. They mentioned athletic apparel, drones, luxury watches, golf balls, power tools, and fishing equipment. Oh, and if you have any old tech gadgets lying around, like tablets, laptops, or smartphones, those make great graduation gifts as well!

They highlighted a few items that are catching buyers’ attention in the trending section: Taylor Swift memorabilia (yeah, she’s still rocking it), Beats headphones (who doesn’t love good music? ), and Nintendo video games (nostalgia alert!).

Taylor Swift Mercari

List similar inexpensive items

And here’s a time-saving tip: Mercari suggests listing a lot of similar, inexpensive items if you don’t want to list them individually. Yes, a bundle with a single listing. Simply include the word “lot” in the description, and buyers can purchase multiple items at once, saving them money on shipping. Ideal for kitchen utensils, inexpensive jewelry, baby clothing (so adorable! ), books, beauty products, and t-shirts. Just make sure to accurately describe everything, take plenty of photos, and specify the condition of individual items as needed.

So there you have it, a quick rundown of the latest Mercari news. Get out there, list your items, and boost those sales! Happy selling, my friend!

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