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‘Someone’s trash is another person’s treasure’ | Software allows resellers to market items on multiple platforms

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From WCNC Charlotte

By Jane Monreal

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CHARLOTTE, N.C. — E-sellers sell their goods online without the overhead of a brick-and-mortar store, and now there’s a website that helps with efficiency.

List Perfectly was created several years ago out of necessity.

Clara Albornoz found some success as an online seller of vintage clothing 13 years ago.

“It’s not as expensive as real estate, not unstable as crypto,” Albornoz told WCNC Charlotte’s Jane Monreal. “You can start reselling anything you have in your house.”

Albornoz left banking and was making about $150,000 a year when she was diagnosed with debilitating arthritis, affecting most of her upper body including her hands.

She said her business partner created software that would reduce most of the manual entry required to run her e-business.

“Why should I learn to list on all these different platforms and manage manually when I can have one centralized platform,” Albornoz said.

The former banker said the software changed her life. People who sign up can cross-post or bulk post to almost a dozen channels, including eBayEtsyPoshmark, and Facebook Marketplace.

“You can de-list, relist, mark sold, many things that you should be doing manually on these platforms,” she explained.

Bulk posting to multiple sites allowed Albornoz to make $500,000 a year when she was a reseller. She has since stepped down to become CEO of List Perfectly.

Plans on List Perfectly start at $29 a month for unlimited listings.

“There’s companies like eBay that have eBay seller school, and they’re free,” Albornoz said. “So you can start there with free tools. And once you master a marketplace, then you can use List Perfectly to start branching out or to other marketplaces. And it’s the same inventory chain with different audiences. The person that buys on eBay rarely will go to Poshmark or to Mercari or to Facebook Marketplace.”
For people interested in reselling goods online, Albornoz advised to grow your business slowly and to looking around your home.


“Someone’s trash is another person’s treasure,” Albornoz said. “For someone that wants to turn that into a side hustle or full time is to grow slowly and use that seed money to start buying better inventory and then invest in technology or a good device, because those are your tools. And then always create relationships with other sellers.”

Originally published on

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