Summer Sales Using eBay’s Promoted Listings

Summer Sales Using eBay’s Promoted Listings

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The proof is in the chart

While in the heat of the Summer, selling slow-down on eBay has been a standard ritual over the years. But this year, I thought it would be a great time to see if using eBay’s promoted listings would help boost my sales. Let me share my findings. 

Bulk edit promoted listings

First, I bulk-edited to add promoted listings to all my inventory. eBay offers a few ways to do this type of bulk editing. The first choice is to use active listings to bulk edit “promotions.” The second style also starts by visiting the active listings tab, but this time, select all and click on edit. From the edit page, you can now review the “Revise Listings” and bulk edit them using “Sell it Faster” Side note: I learned both strategies could be glitchy with eBay; what are the different ways to bulk edit with eBay’s promoted listings? Try the two styles I mentioned and see which works best for you. 

1st week of promoted listings

After adding promotions to all my listings, the sales started kicking in. I did include making an offer with no restrictions and received a few fair offers accepted. The graphic below is from my “Advertising Dashboard” in the Seller Hub under Marketing

Powersellim mom promoted listings chart 1


Notice the performance chart showing Promoted vs Organic. Promoted listings have made a big difference compared to last month. 

Thirty-day results

Adjusting the dates to show the last 30 days, the total impressions went up 163.7%!

power selling mom promoted listings chart 2


eBay sellers are strongly encouraged to pay close attention to the charts and data analytics. Griff from eBay has been emphasizing the importance of understanding your numbers repeatedly. Over time, eBay has evolved significantly, and selling on the platform goes beyond merely listing items and waiting for sales. Tracking your progress and developing effective marketing strategies for your eBay listings is crucial to succeed. Gone are the days when you could list an item and forget about it. Nowadays, a more strategic approach is necessary to ensure a successful sale.

Despite the changes, eBay remains the most extensive online marketplace globally. However, getting lost in the vast array of sellers and products is easy. Consider leveraging promotions and special offers to stand out and boost your sales. Additionally, it’s essential to test different strategies and closely monitor the results through data analysis provided by eBay’s charts. By being proactive and responsive to market trends, you can improve your selling plan and maximize your success on eBay.

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