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In the world of reselling and e-commerce, List Perfectly is the industry leader. List Perfectly allows its members to streamline and simplify the process of listing products across multiple e-commerce platforms. But in October 2022, List Perfectly announced a new free platform for its members, LISTING PARTY. But what is LISTING PARTY? Why would anyone want to use it? In my opinion, List Perfectly has revolutionized reselling and the reselling community by introducing LISTING PARTY.

Let’s explore the concept of  LISTING PARTY and shed light on the numerous benefits it brings to List Perfectly members.

Listing Party main screen


It’s a difficult concept to understand at first when I first heard it…I was CONFUSED! All List Perfectly members can sign in and create a profile, and once that is complete, you can access the directory, search for other sellers, find assistants, or even consigners. Your profile is searchable in LISTING PARTY so others can also find you. You can message sellers through LISTING PARTY messaging and track goals. Track goals? Talk to other sellers? What? Why? On LISTING PARTY, you can now add goals and tasks with checkable boxes to help you stay organized and remain accountable for what your goals might be.

Lastly, there were live events called LISTING PARTY events, and I needed clarification on how this would help me or my reselling business. I thought to myself, this may help some people, but not me…I was WRONG! Wrong isn’t even a strong enough word. In my opinion, LISTING PARTY is a game changer and adds tremendous value to the List Perfectly membership.

Listing Party events

LISTING PARTY hosts virtual events

The events on LISTING PARTY are virtual events where sellers can come together to list their products simultaneously. These events take place in real-time, allowing sellers to collaborate, share ideas, and support each other throughout the listing process. It’s like a virtual co-working space, fostering a sense of community among e-commerce enthusiasts. This is especially true for the 24-hour LISTING PARTY Hangout Room. Most of the time, someone is in there and ready to help!

List Perfectly harnesses its employees’ expertise to bring value and knowledge to its community. Everyone who works at List Perfectly is encouraged to host LISTING PARTY events to connect, inspire, share, and learn with our community. Members can participate in the live events and view the events section of the LISTING PARTY. It will also show you when upcoming events are scheduled, and you can even add events to Google and Outlook calendars. The possibilities of LISTING PARTY events are endless! 

Mastermind LISTING PARTY events

Every weekday at 9 am EST, there is a daily accountability LISTING PARTY Mastermind event hosted by (me, lol) Trish Glenn, SuperSaleTrish across all social media. This Mastermind call is a video conference-style call; you do not need to be on camera. There is a different reselling topic every weekday. One of the benefits, among thousands, is boosting your productivity. By participating in these Mastermind events, sellers can leverage the collective energy and motivation of the group. The focused environment encourages sellers to stay on track, minimize distractions, and increase overall efficiency while discussing a different topic daily. Mastermind is a great call for any level seller; paid outside groups do this also, BUT it’s free with a List Perfectly membership.

Mastermind Listing Party

6 Figures and Beyond

There is also another mastermind event twice a week called Reselling: The Next Level 6 Figures and Beyond. Accountability, goal setting, and figuring out where you are trying to take your business. Participating in this event helps sellers stay accountable for their goals. The shared commitment and friendly competition within the group create a sense of responsibility, motivating sellers to set ambitious targets and work towards achieving them. This accountability factor ensures that sellers make consistent progress, ultimately leading to improved results and eventually making more money.

List Perfectly 101

Theresa Cox, ClubRed97, has a List Perfectly 101 event. This class is great for anyone new to List Perfectly or who just wants to use the tool more efficiently. Theresa will share her expertise, tips, and tricks, helping others improve their List Perfectly skills. This collaborative learning environment fosters personal and professional growth, empowering sellers to become more effective and successful in their e-commerce ventures.

List Perfectly Customer Support 411

The List Perfectly customer support team hosts multiple live help sessions on a weekly basis, including a List Perfectly Customer Support 411 event. Come and ask your questions, but also virtually meet your fellow resellers. We hear that e-commerce can sometimes be isolating, with sellers working independently behind screens, but LISTING PARTY helps break this isolation and creates a supportive community of like-minded individuals. Sellers can connect, network, and build relationships with fellow List Perfectly members, fostering a sense of camaraderie and support that extends beyond the events themselves.

Customer Support 411 listing party

Clara Albornoz, Co-Founder of List Perfectly usually hosts a few LISTING PARTY events a month. Clara is always accessible to our community and helps resellers in multiple ways. Clara has an event called Reseller Motivation to get to the core of what motivates you! Money? Freedom? Staying home with your family? Come and discuss or just listen to other sellers’ stories.

There is also a monthly Referral 101 session to learn how to use the List Perfectly Referral program to its fullest. You can make enough money for a passive income stream or enough to pay for your subscription.

Other List Perfectly employees have LISTING PARTY events also, you never know who will show up!

LISTING PARTY is a game-changer

So, in conclusion, LISTING PARTY, along with a wide range of events hosted on the platform, have become a game-changer for List Perfectly members, revolutionizing the way e-commerce sellers list and manage their products. By providing a supportive, collaborative, and inspiring environment, these events boost productivity, foster learning, and build a strong sense of community. If you’re a List Perfectly member looking to take your e-commerce business to new heights, participating in LISTING PARTY events is an opportunity you don’t want to miss.

Join the party, connect with fellow sellers, and unlock the full potential of your online business.

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