part time side hustle and full time job

Thriving With a Part-Time Side Hustle & Full-Time Job

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What I find amazing about the side hustle opportunities available today is that they offer endless possibilities for people like you and me who may still work full-time in the corporate 9-5 setting. We’re living in a time where the everyday person has the flexibility to earn as much as they want, depending on the effort they put in.

The tools we have at our disposal also make success more achievable, providing a quicker path to results. I have found reselling to be a smooth transition into being a small business side hustle where the owner can witness tangible success sooner rather than later. The only limit is the one you set for yourself.

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Selling everyday items lying around your house for extra profit has been gaining popularity. This all started for me when I had a family member cleaning out the house and I decided to take on the so-called “junk” and turn it into “treasure.” While I was at my full-time job during the day the free items I received were slowly turning into side hustle profits at home.

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The appeal of reselling

People have asked why I like collecting items and selling them besides just for profit. The answer is flexibility and time! The appeal doesn’t come from the money but the time I gain back in my personal life when reselling. As an educator, I can work during the day making a full-time salary to help fund my side hustle.

One of the biggest positives about the flexibility is the items themselves. Sourcing for your small reselling business like mine has been easier than ever with the internet, thrift stores, and the community through List Perfectly. You can have a box of reselling items delivered right to your front door. Again, your time for your personal life is only increasing.

Selling can be done online as well. When I have free time at my job, while traveling, or anywhere I am I have access to List Perfectly and my reselling business. I was even able to travel to Europe with my time off in the summer as an educator while still managing the ongoing sales I had from my side hustle.

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Another great point to make is the low startup costs. Any items with value can be considered inventory for your side hustle. Startup costs can include a computer, List Perfectly, inventory, and possible tools you may use. Access to a public computer can be found at the library in your local town. List Perfectly has a great referral program where you can get referral pay to eliminate the monthly membership. Many tools can be borrowed, are free, or can be purchased at a reasonable price.

Living the dual lifestyle

Time is an important aspect when it comes to having a full-time job and a side hustle. This is the reason I love reselling. With the scheduling tools that exist today you can do minimal work and still schedule out in advance. Keeping clear and organized details is also important when it comes to reselling and having a side hustle.

As someone with experience, burnout is an easy way to turn something fun into a chore and unwanted responsibility. Make sure you have a balance within all aspects of your experience. I love having a paper calendar to keep track of daily tasks but you can also use your apps on your phone or desktop. Listing Party also has a great goals page where you can track day-to-day completed tasks.

Listing Party Goals

Advantages of a side hustle

The rewards financially can help you grow and expand onto another venture or opportunity you may be thinking about doing to give you even more free time. Whether you are looking to make a small savings or maybe a new cargo van for your reselling business you can grow as fast as you need to with inventory to bring in the profits. Not only does this help your financial independence but this will eventually outweigh your full-time job if you want it to!

Some people prefer to have both a part-time side hustle and a full-time job but I say the goal should always be to let your side hustle income outweigh the full-time income. Make sure to take advantage of business accounts, business credit points, and other perks you may get from having a side hustle. 

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Long term success

Remember this isn’t a race and always know there is room for growth! I love to look at my failures as the steps to success. Be sure to continue learning any chance you get. There are free services, classes, courses, etc. that can help you build your skillset portfolio.

I highly recommend the Google ads course powered by Google. It’s free and self-paced. It helped me grow my referrals with List Perfectly. Continue networking and attending events locally or by traveling. We live in a time where online networking is 100% acceptable. Not to mention we have a great reselling community! 

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