Amanda Morse and Clara Albornoz were earning a small fortune selling vintage clothing online when Clara was struck with crippling arthritis. No longer able to spend hours typing listing descriptions into multiple online sales platforms, Albornoz thought her career was over. Instead, her disability became the inspiration for List Perfectly, a time-saving tool for sellers of everything from used shoes and clothing to office equipment and electronics. 

Now, co-CEO’s of List Perfectly, Morse and Albornoz support more than 10,000 customers, who use List Perfectly’s software to simultaneously list items for sale on up to 12 different online sales sites. And, thanks in part to the exponential growth of reselling online, the site is growing rapidly.

Boom in selling online

Online “direct-to-consumer” sales are soaring in the U.S. This market, fueled by both entrepreneurs and average Americans reselling their own under-used possessions, hit $76.7 billion in sales during 2019. And U.S. sales are expected to more than double by 2023 hitting $175 billion, according to Statistica.

At the same time, peer-to-peer sales sites are popping up like weeds. Where the resale market used to be dominated by CraigsList and now reviews and rates more than 50 different peer-to-peer sales platforms, several with millions of monthly users. Many of these sites have niche specialties, such as designer goods, menswear, electronics or crafts. 

This fragmented selling market is both an opportunity and challenge for sellers.

The opportunity is that the right platform can deliver a wealth of buyers uniquely interested in the type of goods you’re peddling. The challenge is that no one platform has a lock on appropriate buyers — even for specialty goods. To find a critical mass of buyers, many sellers list the same items on multiple platforms. And that can take hours.

Time-saving tool for sellers

Enter List Perfectly, which works with Internet browsers to help sellers simultaneously post sales listings on up to a dozen popular sites, ranging from Shopify to Etsy. You type your listing once into List Perfectly’s software. You then click on the sites where you want that listing to run. The software automatically opens browser windows for all the sites where you want to sell that item, and copies your original listing information into the appropriate boxes. All you need to do is hit “publish.” 

Worth the price?

However, the software isn’t free. List Perfectly licenses its software for use on a monthly basis, charging a minimum of $29 per month. Where that cost is easily justified by professional resellers like the Anthony’s, people who are selling things on a more occasional basis may want to think twice.

If you’re simply marketing your used car, the amount of work saved to list one item — even on multiple platforms — probably isn’t worth the cost.

However, if you resell regularly, or are listing hundreds of items online as an alternative to, say, hosting a big garage sale, it may be worth the cost. List Perfectly’s membership allows you to post an unlimited number of items on the 12 online platforms List Perfectly supports, which include eBay, Poshmark, Mercari, Depop, Kidizen, Shopify, Etsy, Grailed, Heroine and Facebook Marketplace. 

There’s no requirement to remain a member for more than a month. So, if you’re not a regular seller, you can use the service as a one-time thing — much like running a classified ad to market your garage sale.  However, you will need to cancel your List Perfectly subscription, if you don’t want the site to automatically renew it.