how to turn off mercari smart pricing

Turn off Mercari’s Smart Pricing and Auto Title Suggestions in List Perfectly

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Estimated reading time: 1 minute

Would you like to turn off Mercari’s Smart Pricing or not allow Mercari to fill in your title based on your images automatically?  With List Perfectly, you can disable these 2 Mercari features.

Bypass Mercari’s automatic title suggestions

Mercari’s automatic title suggestions are generated by the images that you upload.  Sometimes Mercari’s image AI doesn’t interpret the photos as well as we’d like, and we would prefer to stick with the original title we created.  You can bypass these automatic title suggestions with a setting in List Perfectly.

Prevent Mercari from adjusting your prices

In addition, you can also prevent Mercari’s Smart Pricing Feature from adjusting your prices.  With Mercari Smart Pricing, Mercari will continuously decrease your listing price automatically until the amount reaches the floor price that you have set.

If you want to enable the settings in List Perfectly that will bypass these two features, here’s how.

First, open your List Perfectly extension settings by clicking on the small List Perfectly icon in the upper right of your browser.

LP icon in browser

Next, click “Settings” in the lower right of your extension window:

List Perfectly settings

Then, you will click on the Mercari logo at the top of this window.  After you click the Mercari logo, you will check the boxes next to “Override Mercari Automatic Suggestions” and “Turn off Smart Pricing feature on Mercari” to enable these two settings.

mercari settings in lp

You are now ready to crosspost to Mercari and keep your original title and not have to deal with your prices being adjusted automatically.

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