Understanding the New Mercari Shipping Rates

Understanding the New Mercari Shipping Rates

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In the world of online marketplaces, Mercari is rather new and still evolving. One of the crucial aspects of any marketplace is the shipping process and Mercari’s has seen several changes over the years. Mercari introduced new shipping rate adjustments that impact both sellers and buyers. Let’s take a deep dive into these changes and explore how they may affect your listings on your Mercari.

mercari shipping
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New Mercari shipping rates

Mercari has updated its shipping rate structure, aiming to strike a balance between affordability and convenience for its users. The changes are designed to provide a more streamlined and cost-effective shipping experience for both sellers and buyers. In a few cases rates have gone down, and Mecari seems always to pass its savings onto its customers.

What you need to know

New shipping rates for Mercari prepaid labels were effective January 18, 2024. The new rates will apply to new listings and they will apply if you update shipping on existing listings– for both buyer and seller-paid labels.

You don’t need to take any action to update shipping on any existing listings.

Mercari says:

Starting January 18, 2024, existing listings posted before January 18, 2024, with buyer-paid shipping will automatically update with new shipping prices. Note: It may take up to two weeks for changes to apply to existing listings with buyer-paid shipping. 

All Mercari prepaid labels cover nationwide shipping and peak surcharges throughout the year and come with the added value of up to $200 in shipping protection and free returns. 

We know that affordable shipping is important to our community, and our team is working hard to continue providing competitive and convenient shipping options.

Mercari prepaid labels offer single-price shipments to any of the 50 states and an average of 39% savings for items between 0.25 lb–50 lbs compared to the retail prices of our carriers (USPS, UPS, FedEx).

Mercari is listening to its customers and making changes that both sellers and buyers want. Below are some more changes that Mercari has made in the last few months.

mercari shipping choices

Weight-based shipping rates

One of the most significant changes introduced by Mercari in 2023 was the shift to weight-based shipping rates. Previously, shipping rates were primarily determined by the size of the item and the selected shipping option. With the new system, shipping costs will be calculated based on the weight of the item. This should allow for Mercari listings to be in line with other marketplaces and make competing on price that much easier.

Why it matters:

   – Sellers will need to accurately weigh their items to determine the shipping cost (hopefully you are doing this already)

   – Buyers will see shipping costs more aligned with the actual weight of the item.

mercari shipping rates chart

More shipping options

Mercari is expanding its shipping options to provide greater flexibility to users. Sellers can now choose from a wider range of shipping carriers and services, such as USPS, FedEx, UPS, and more, depending on their preferences and location. Mercari even has some local shipping options, Uber and Dolly, a new idea in the online space. (Mercari also has a beta program for local meetups where sellers and buyers meet to pick up the sold goods. This is beta now but may roll out soon so keep an eye open as this would be great for bulky or heavy items)

Why it matters:

   – Sellers can select carriers that align with their shipping needs.

   – Buyers may have more shipping choices for faster or more economical delivery.


mercari shipping steps


The new changes to Mercari’s shipping rates are aimed at providing a more transparent, flexible, and reliable shipping experience for users. As a Mercari user, it’s essential to stay informed about these changes to optimize your buying and selling experience. Whether you’re a seller aiming to provide competitive shipping rates or a buyer seeking clarity on shipping costs and delivery times, these updates are designed to make your Mercari transactions smoother and more efficient.

Remember, Mercari’s commitment to improving its platform benefits both sellers and buyers, making it a go-to destination for finding great deals and selling your wares.  Stay up to date with these changes, and continue enjoying the unique and diverse marketplace that Mercari offers.

Happy Selling!!!

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