Unleashing Power Selling Podcast

Unleashing “The Power Selling Podcast”: A Journey of Thrifting, Reselling, and Empowering the Seller Community

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Embarking on the podcasting journey was a dream I had harbored for years. Little did I know that when the time came, it would be a rollercoaster of excitement, learning, and empowerment. Today, I am thrilled to share how “The Power Selling Podcast” came to life and the incredible journey it has become, supported by the fantastic team at List Perfectly.

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The genesis

The idea of starting a podcast had germinated in my mind for quite some time since I used to have “The Power Selling Mom Radio Show” years ago, but it went by the wayside.  As an avid thrifter and reseller, I craved a platform where the community could gather, and List Perfectly has created such a place at listingparty.com.  

My goal for this podcast was to match the “Power Selling Mom” brand I created: PowerSellingMom.com.

The Power Selling Podcast spotlights sellers to share stories and learn from each other. It is dedicated to everything from thrifting and reselling to marketing and emphasizes each seller’s unique journey.

A perfect partnership with List Perfectly

Launching a podcast is no small feat; having a trustworthy partner can make all the difference. Enter List Perfectly, a game-changer in the world of reselling. Their commitment to providing a seamless platform for resellers to cross-list and manage inventory aligns perfectly with the podcast’s synergy. It was a natural fit, and List Perfectly graciously came on board as the proud sponsor of “The Power Selling Podcast.”

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Topics that resonate

The podcast covers diverse topics, reflecting the multifaceted world of reselling. From sourcing and thrifting tips to effective marketing strategies, each episode is crafted to provide valuable insights for both seasoned sellers and those just starting their entrepreneurial journey. The heart of the podcast lies in the stories – real, raw, and relatable accounts of resellers who’ve overcome challenges and achieved success.

Seller Spotlight: sharing journeys

One of the most cherished segments of “The Power Selling Podcast” is the Seller Spotlight, where we invite resellers to share their unique stories. Every reseller has a tale to tell, and this segment serves as a platform for them to inspire others with their experiences, triumphs, and even setbacks. It celebrates diversity within the reselling community, showcasing the paths to online selling success.

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Calling all resellers: be a guest on our show

The reselling community is vast, and everyone has a story worth sharing. We encourage resellers to join us on “The Power Selling Podcast” and share their journey with the community. If you’re passionate about what you do and want to inspire others, we want to hear from you! Contact me directly at powersellingmom@gmail.com, and let’s make your story a part of this empowering narrative.

Building a community

Podcasting isn’t just about talking; it’s about building a community. “The Power Selling Podcast” has become a virtual hub where resellers connect, learn, and grow. Listeners tune in not just for tips and tricks but also for the camaraderie permeating each episode. The community is the heartbeat of the podcast, and we’re excited to see it thrive on the ListingParty.com platform. 

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The power of storytelling

Every episode is a testament to the power of storytelling. Resellers share their narratives authentically through the ups and downs, triumphs, and challenges. This authenticity resonates with our audience, fostering a sense of connection and inspiration beyond the reselling world.

In conclusion, “The Power Selling Podcast” is not just a podcast; it’s a movement. It’s a celebration of the reselling community, a source of valuable insights, and a platform for every reseller to shine. With List Perfectly by our side, we continue to empower sellers and inspire others to embark on their entrepreneurial journeys.

If you still need to join us, what are you waiting for? Tune in, share your story, and let’s continue to power up the reselling community together. It’s found on all major podcast players and YouTube. 

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