Uploading List Perfectly “Smart” Spreadsheets to Online Marketplaces and Websites

Uploading List Perfectly “Smart” Spreadsheets to Online Marketplaces and Websites

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Estimated reading time: 4 minutes

Did you know you can download a <smart> spreadsheet (CSV) file from List Perfectly and upload it to other marketplaces or website providers?

This is one of the many great features that List Perfectly offers and it is a fast and easy way to get your listings up on marketplaces and site providers such as Whatnot, Reverb, WooCommerce, BigCommerce, Wix, and any other platform that is a marketplace or website provider.

Unlimited <smart> spreadsheet downloads with List Perfectly Business and Pro plans

With List Perfectly’s Business and Pro plans, you get unlimited <smart> spreadsheet downloads and you can also use List Perfectly’s built-in filters to produce custom spreadsheets with only the listings on it that you want.  You can see how this is done here.

filter for csv

One of the things that is really great about List Perfectly’s spreadsheet downloads is that they include links to all of your images, so this file is all-inclusive and requires no extra steps to ensure that your images are included in your file.

csv download bar

What makes List Perfectly’s CSV spreadsheets smart?

You can download your entire catalog or just a portion of it.  With several filters to choose from, you can customize what is included in your file.  You can filter by SKU, brand, keywords, notes, titles, and more, which enables you to narrow down your spreadsheet file quickly and easily.  It even includes a filter for date ranges of when the listing was added or when it was sold so there are several options that allow total customization of the file contents you would like to include.  The file will include everything in your listing such as title, images, color, size, description, price, SKU, UPC, material, and more.

csv download

Why upload a spreadsheet to a marketplace or website?  

One of the main reasons is the time-saving factor and efficiency.  Uploading CSV spreadsheets to a marketplace eliminates the need for manual data entry. Instead of entering each item individually, you can import a comprehensive spreadsheet that contains all the necessary information contained in your listings, including images.

Another reason to upload a spreadsheet is that you have the option to do bulk updates and modifications.  CSV spreadsheet files allow you to make changes to multiple listings simultaneously. Whether you need to update prices, quantities, descriptions, or other information, you can simply modify the spreadsheet and upload it to your marketplace or website. This feature is useful for all sellers, but it’s particularly convenient for those that have a large inventory or frequently update their product listings.  

One of the many great things about a spreadsheet file is that it is universal and is widely used so it allows for seamless integration with existing sites and marketplaces.  Many sites use CSV spreadsheets to manage their inventory data so enabling spreadsheet uploads ensures compatibility and easy integration with your existing inventory spreadsheet. By using a spreadsheet download from List Perfectly, you can avoid the hassle of manual data migration and maintain consistency across your different platforms.

After you have downloaded your List Perfectly spreadsheet, you can then upload it to your website or marketplace, such as Whatnot or WooCommerce.

woo commerce

For instructions on how to upload your spreadsheet file to WooCommerce, click here.  If you would like to learn more about uploading your file to BigCommerce, click here.  If you are interested in how to upload your spreadsheet to Wix, go here.  Whatnot also accepts spreadsheet uploads.  You can find out more about Whatnot uploads by clicking here.  Interested in finding out more about how to upload your file to Reverb?  Click here to get full instructions.


In conclusion, uploading a CSV spreadsheet file to a marketplace or website provides sellers with a powerful tool for streamlining their inventory management and for getting their products in front of more buyers. By taking advantage of the simplicity and versatility of a spreadsheet file, marketplaces enable sellers to efficiently upload and maintain their product listings. This feature not only saves valuable time and effort but also ensures data consistency across your various platforms and sites. Whether you have a small or large inventory, the ability to download a spreadsheet file from List Perfectly and upload it to another site empowers you to effortlessly manage and scale your e-commerce business.

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