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What is List Perfectly?

what is list perfectlyList Perfectly was started by two female founders, Clara Albornoz and Amanda Morse, who are sellers themselves with the mission to help fellow sellers work smarter, not harder.

List Perfectly cuts listing time by an average of 80% and promotes sustainability by replacing retail with resale!

List Perfectly enables you to list and crosspost

List Perfectly enables you to list and crosspost to multiple platforms, manage inventory, access analytics, download CSVs, and save time listing while you reach new customers and grow your sales.

List Perfectly is the only solution that allows sellers to crosspost unlimited products at no added charge and offers the most diverse tools including delisting and relisting, inventory management, templates for faster listing, and more.

What makes List Perfectly the best and different?

List Perfectly was created for sellers, by sellers. Our co-founders Clara and Amanda have been selling for decades and appreciate seller support of List Perfectly.

  • Everything is included for $0 extra. List Perfectly doesn’t charge you by the number of listings, platforms, or crossposts you use.


  • List Perfectly is compliant with all platform terms. Publishing listings automatically directly violates terms and puts your account at risk. We protect your account and allow you to review everything to perfection!


  • List Perfectly crossposts directly from platform to platform.


  • List Perfectly supports MORE platforms.


  • List Perfectly allows multi-account crossposting.


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List Perfectly is for everyone

List Perfectly was designed for sellers of all sizes, from side hustlers to part timers, to full time sellers, to enterprises and corporations. We classify all sellers as business owners who share the same goal as List Perfectly’s own mission: to work smarter, not harder.

List Perfectly’s flexible monthly plans allow EVERYONE from side hustlers to corporations to take advantage of its powerful suite of tools.

Selling for the first time? Try List Perfectly’s Simple Plan.

Transitioning from side hustle to part time? Scale with List Perfectly’s Business Plan.

Going from part-time to full-time or from brick and mortar to digital? List Perfectly’s Pro Plan has everything you need.

No matter who you are, List Perfectly has a plan for you.

Need a plan recommendation? Check out our Plan Advisor.

What types of products / inventory does List Perfectly support?

You can list and crosspost any product with List Perfectly, from clothing, to furniture, to miscellaneous products like tires & tools.

How many listings can I crosspost at once?

All List Perfectly plans come with unlimited crossposting and listings for $0 extra.

The List Perfectly Simple Plan allows you to crosspost one listing to multiple platforms at once.

The List Perfectly Business Plan and Pro Plan allow you to crosspost one or multiple (bulk crossposting) listings to multiple platforms at once.

Please note that the number of listings you can crosspost at once with List Perfectly depends on the speed of your internet, the quality of your device, and your personal preferences. Some List Perfectly members like to Bulk Crosspost 15 products at once, others like to Bulk Crosspost 30 or 50 listings at once. One member recently let us know they did 300 products at once!

Can my marketplace account be banned because of List Perfectly? (Compliance)

Your account safety is our top priority. List Perfectly does not violate terms and is not a bot. List Perfectly is compliant with all marketplace terms.

Marketplace terms require that a human publish listings on the marketplace itself, and not through a third-party service. List Perfectly opens new tabs to marketplaces with information copied for you to review and publish yourself.

List Perfectly is safe and secure

The List Perfectly team will never ask for your passwords to your platforms, nor will we share personal information or store payment information.

List Perfectly is secure

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