when to list items on ebay

When to List Items on eBay

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Every day is a good day to list items on eBay

Every eBay workshop I’ve led over the years, it never fails. Someone will ask the magic question, “What day is the best day to list items on eBay?” Many times when they ask this question, the main thing they want to know is which day is the best day for your item to sell on eBay. Or which day is the best day for your item to end?

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7 days a week

Or as the Beatles would say, “8 Days A Week.” The bottom line is you have to list items when it’s convenient for you. There is no magic formula. There is no one-size-fits-all system. The categories and types of items all fall into the guessing game of “what works best.” You have to test the waters yourself.  Run your own tests and create a spreadsheet or a simple document to keep track and learn from each test.

List Perfectly users can easily use the notes section like “Listed on a Monday at 3:00 PM,” and so on. Then when the item sells, you can update the note: “Sold on Friday, 3/3/23 at 1:00 AM.”  This would help you see if there is some type of selling pattern for your items. Create your own system and learn from it.  Keep in mind, there is always room for improvement. Never stop learning from yourself and growing your business. My goal is always to become better at what I do.

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Auctions on eBay

Running auctions on eBay can also help you test the selling waters. Try having auctions end each day of the week with similar types of items, and see which day and time of the week works best.  Years ago, I had a client bring me a ton of silver jewelry. Many of them I sold as scrap pieces. I learned that buyers preferred one-day auctions vs. 3 days or more auctions.  I admit I was a bit nervous running such short auctions, but the statistics showed that buyers preferred the thrill of the quick bidding and early ending of auctions.  I also learned that I could end one-day auctions any day of the week in the morning, and they would be more successful than in the evening.  Had I not run this test, I would have never guessed its success.

Think like a buyer

Try to “think like a buyer” while making listing decisions.  If you wanted to buy this item, when would it be the most convenient to shop or buy this item?  New toys, for example, should be easy to purchase 24/7 because of all those children’s wish lists for birthdays throughout the year. When I’m shopping for a grandchild, I look for the items with the fastest shipping. 

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Same day shipping

Shipping can also play a big part in a successful sale as well, no matter what day of the week it ends. Keep this in mind while running tests. Include what kind of shipping you are offering with your notes.  When shopping, I too am guilty of shopping for items with the fastest shipping. We all like to receive our purchases as quickly as possible. The shipping options can play a part in the final sale. 

International shipping

Every day is a good day to list on eBay!

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