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Why List Perfectly Doesn’t Believe in Add-On Fees

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Ever wonder why there are no add-on fees with List Perfectly?  There’s a simple answer.  There’s no need.

List Perfectly’s pricing is all-inclusive

List Perfectly’s pricing is all-inclusive and instead of billing members for add-on features, you choose an all-inclusive plan that best fits your needs.  List Perfectly believes that charging add-on fees stunts the growth of your business instead of nurturing it.  Having to pay add-on fees to crosspost more listings, import more listings, or add additional listings to your catalog imposes limits on you and your business.  Waiting for the next month so you can crosspost more listings and not be charged more only hurts you and hinders the growth of your business.  Being able to pay one price and know that this one price is all-inclusive, allows you to grow and not be concerned that you will be charged extra for anything you do to grow your business.

List Perfectly gives you the freedom to crosslist to all supported marketplaces in each plan and they don’t limit your crossposting to 3 marketplaces. With List Perfectly, you can crosspost an item to as many marketplaces at once as you’d like and you never pay extra.  Other services set limits such as these and if you want to crosspost to more than 3 marketplaces at one time, they will make you pay add-on fees.

List Perfectly’s Simple Plan

As for pricing, List Perfectly’s Simple Plan is $0.97 per day.  This includes unlimited crossposting, unlimited importing, unlimited listings stored in your catalog, unlimited templates, unlimited access to LP Mobile, 25 PhotoRoom background removal images, access to Listing Party and more.



List Perfectly’s Business Plan

List Perfectly’s Business Plan is $1.64 per day and you get the same unlimited features as the Simple Plan but you also get unlimited crossposting and importing in bulk, as well as bulk delist and relist, and 50 PhotoRoom background removal images.  You also get unlimited analytics and CSV downloads and much more.



List Perfectly’s Pro Plan

List Perfectly’s Pro Plan is $2.30 per day (only $0.67 more per day than the Business Plan) and you get everything in the Business Plan plus unlimited draft listings, Pro Description Builder, unlimited use of the Pro Title and Keyword Suggestion feature, unlimited use of the Custom Description Footers, the Pro Measurements feature, unlimited use of the one-click Google Lens Pricing Tool integration and so much more.



List Perfectly’s Plan Advisor

If you’re not sure which one of List Perfectly’s plans will best fit your needs and the needs of your business, click here to go to List Perfectly’s Plan Advisor.  You’ll answer a few questions, and it will tell you which plan is the best option for you.  While there, you can also use the comparison chart to see what each plan offers and what the differences are.

As you can see, List Perfectly strives to help you grow your business and even provides a tool to help you make the right decision as to which plan suits your needs best.

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