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Why so Many Photos on eBay? 

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eBay announced recently they would be increasing our photo uploads from a 12 maximum to a 24 maximum.  Why? Because more is better! Sellers asked, and eBay listened. They saw a need to help sellers, and they responded

The more photos, the more odds of sales

The more photos you have, the more it increases the sale odds.  Shoppers like scrolling through photos before making a decision. Each photo is like the “closer” of a deal. I like to compare it to a time-share presentation.  You have to listen to the pitch of several presenters; then, the closer comes in to finalize the sale.  Think of every photo as the “finalizer.” The buyer swipes through each photo.

power selling mom eBay store

Statistics have shown that many shoppers use a mobile device while searching for items.  People shop from wherever they are at. Standing or sitting, shoppers are shopping online. Even while on the toilet! So don’t let them scroll away because you don’t have enough photos. Keep them looking. Each photo helps them click the “Buy Now” button, adding the item to their shopping cart. 

Taking more photos is easy!

Photo taking is easy compared to the day I would lay my beanie babies on a scanner with a towel over it and upload a gigantic photo that took days to load!  We’ve come a long way since those beanie-baby days, and I’m sure technology will continue to evolve.  We adjust and stay on top of the most recent changes. Especially with photos on eBay.

Almost every item has at least four sides:

  • Top
  • Bottom
  • Left
  • Right

Next, we add close-ups, tags/labels, logos, etc.

rolling stones tee

Clothing photos may include buttons, sleeve styles, skirt slits, and holding a hand inside to show if a dress or blouse may be a bit see-through. 

Keep an eye on those backgrounds

The nice thing about shopping on mobile, the shopper “slides” through each photo, repeating like a never-ending carousel.  It’s important to keep the photos clean and exciting.  Photo editing is a must. And removing the background as much as possible.  I will admit I love the background remover on List Perfectly.  It compares to no other, even eBay. 

Nothing is worse than trying to shop and being distracted by the background in a photo. I saw a photo on eBay once with a kitty litter box in a view and another photo with a kitchen sink full of dirty dishes. Eww!  Right away, I am afraid to buy from them because they don’t care about their business enough to tidy up before taking photos. It gives the impression if the photo shows clutter and/or a dirty house, it could mean dirty items. The bottom line, a potential buyer may feel the seller is unprofessional, which may result in a bad buying experience. 

For some items, it may be difficult to take 24 photos. Like on record albums, for example. Use your best judgment and show off each item with as many photos as possible. Avoid duplicates and include close-ups of any flaws.  Take your best shots and get creative.

More photos help with more sales! 

Take great photos | eBay Seller Center

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