How to Conquer the World in 3 Easy Steps

How to Conquer the World in 3 Easy Steps

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Estimated reading time: 4 minutes

When planning world domination, it’s important to be very clear in both your initial definitions and the steps of your plan. Global domination is, let’s face it, out of reach for most people. If, like me, you were not born the child of a ruthless dictator who raised you from birth to rule, then you too, sadly, are not likely to have your face carved into the moon. Don’t worry, you can still conquer your own world!

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Define “the world”

My world, for example, is my daughter’s future. My overall goal as a reseller is to have enough profit saved by the time she graduates high school, to completely pay for her college expenses. I want her to graduate with no debt, and ready to start the next chapter of her life.

There are a lot of reasons to call your goal conquering the world. One, it just sounds cooler. That’s simply undeniable. When people ask me what I do, I say I am working on world domination, uninteresting people don’t ask follow-up questions.

Second, and more seriously, what you do is big, and it is important. I used to talk about myself as a stay-at-home mom who sold clothes online. Now, I call myself what I am, a small business owner raising my daughter while crusading against fast fashion, and building a more environmentally-informed world. No matter what your goals are, they are big, and so is your environmental impact. You deserve to talk about yourself like a superhero (or villain).

Whatever your world is, define it. Think about it a lot. Imagine how wonderful it will be once you achieve it, think back to all of the struggles you had to go through, and how great it is that you’re done. Keep your world in your heart, and your mind, and do something, anything, to conquer it every day.

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Make plans, lots of them

That big goal is broken down into yearly and monthly financial goals as well. That means that every single month, I can track my progress and gauge my rate of success. That’s important for a lot of reasons.

One, I don’t just have one gigantic goal that I will either hit or not. Instead, I have hundreds of little goals. Failing to hit one doesn’t make me a failure, it gives me the ability to learn, pivot my strategy, and hit or exceed the next goal.

Two, it gives me lots of opportunities to feel like a success. The value of keeping yourself motivated is incalculable. More than one person has set out to rule the world and given up because it was just too hard or, frankly, uninteresting. Ruling the world will unfortunately come with a certain amount of monotony. No one else is going to keep you going, you are responsible for that. Setting multiple, small goals is a great way to do that. Allow yourself to succeed every day.

I, for example, am a list maker. Almost every morning I write out a list of things that I have to do that day. I include everything from sales goals and listing goals to making and eating meals and showering. Why do I include showering? Because it is something that I have to do that will take time.

It’s important to remind yourself that in addition to being the future Queen of the World and Empress of the Moon, you’re also a person. You do a lot every day, and you deserve to feel accomplished for doing all of the stuff that keeps you alive, not just the things you profit from. 

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Give yourself grace

No matter what your world is, no matter how simple your goals may be, it’s still going to be hard. You have to remember that an important part of setting your goals is realizing that you won’t reach all of them. That’s okay. You have to be able to forgive yourself for the goals you don’t hit. You also have to keep challenging yourself.

Truly successful people don’t rest on their laurels, they are always learning. Once you hit a goal, it’s time to make a new one. Reselling is a wonderful field because it has room for everyone and because it doesn’t take a lot of knowledge to get involved. There are dozens of resources that you can use to educate yourself about new platforms, products, and business strategies.

YouTube has millions of videos that you can view for free but can increase your profits exponentially.

When you need something, lean on the community. Other sellers on Instagram and, more recently, in my Poshmark shows have given me so much. It’s weird that strangers on the internet number amongst my biggest and most fervent supporters, but they are.

You know I’m going to bring it up, but I love List Perfectly. If you’re a member, you have access to Listing Party, their new series of Zoom seminars hosted by sellers. Some are informational guides on topics like eBay updates or plush selling, some are more open and free-form. I’ve attended Starr Bryson, of Flippin Hippos’ True Crime listing party, and let me tell you guys, I found my tribe. People discussing their favorite serial killer documentary while building listings? Yeah, I’m in. (By the way, that one is held every Friday.)

If I can help you in your journey at all, please message me! I love what we do, I love this community, and one day, I will conquer the world. I might be a good person to know…

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