Pro Plus Plan Limited Offer

Pro Plus Plan for the cost of Pro Plan ($69 / mo.) through 2024

From rapid listing to efficient crossposting, seamless inventory management features, auto sales detection, and robust analytics!

Why Pro Plus Plan?

Customizable Listing Dasboard

Optimize visibility and manage listings seamlessly.

Listing Assistant

Let our advanced AI help create and manage your listings.

Listing Dashboard Synchronization

Keep your catalog synced across platforms.

Sub Accounts

Manage different accounts under one roof.

Enhanced Mobile View

Navigate and manage on-the-go like a breeze!

Bulk Edit

Edit listings in mass, saving time and effort.

Auto Delist

Say goodbye to manual removals across platforms once an item sells! Interested in beta testing? This feature is in beta testing. We’re actively seeking sellers who make regular sales, to fully test out the functionality.

Listing Overlays

Maintain your dashboard place even when adding/editing listings.

Who is Pro Plus Plan for?

For sellers that would love to:

• create listings faster with List Perfectly’s new Listing Assistant.
• have more privacy when others are accessing their List Perfectly account. Multiple user access is key for your account security
• have maximum control of their inventory management with auto delist, QR code generator, multi platform synchronization.

Ready to take advantage of the offer?

See below for steps to claim your offer. 

Brand new to List Perfectly

  • Step 1 – Sign up to List Perfectly’s Pro Plan. A paid Pro Plan is required.
  • Step 2 – Return to this page and click here to request access to Pro Plus plan features. 
  • You’ll then see instructions on how to get started.

Existing List Perfectly Pro Plan Members

  • Step 1 – Click here to request access to Pro Plus plan features.
  • You’ll then see instructions on how to get started. A paid Pro Plan is required. If you are on a free account you will not be eligible. 


Absolutely not! Through 2024 your Pro Plan will continue with the original LP catalog, and the additional Pro Plus features will be deactivated. You can then decide to upgrade to Pro Plus if it’s a good fit for your business.

You can learn more about Pro Plus features here.

You will still have full access to the existing List Perfectly catalog if there’s any essential feature you need. We recommend heading back to the main LP site to use that feature.